Kingdom of Waikato


Motto"To fight to better than to fall"----


Battle of Waikato

Capital City Akarana
Largest city Akarana
Offical Languages Māori, English
Official religion(s) Seccuralist
Demonym Waikatoan
Government Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
- King Heketoro Heni
- Court Minister Arapeta Hohona
Legistature Court
Established 1872
Area 286,021 km²
Population 5,265,558
Currency Inwakoa
Time Zone (NZDT)
National Animal Kiwi


The kingdom of Waikato gained independence on the 3rd January 1872 after fierce fighting at Akarana the previous year. The soldiers main objectitives, to create a monarchy with a māori king and culture. This was originally suppose to be a symbolic term, but, after winning the battle of Rangiriri, the movement strived to create a nation and an accual position of king. When this was achieved, the treaty of Wellington made the kingdom a sovereign state, with the first king, Reqi Maniapoto, a veteran of the invasion of Waikato became king and head of the house of Maniapoto.

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