Kingdom of Tahiti (English) 
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Kingdom of Tahiti Flag.png Kekoanui Dynasty Symbol.png
Coat of arms
Official languages Tahitian
Regional Languages North Marquesan
South Marquesan
Ethnic groups   Tahitian
Demonym Tahitian
Religion Tahitian Polytheism
Government Semi-Absolute Monarchy
 -   Tū Tū-nui-ʻēʻa-i-te-atua  Kekoanui I
 -  Ari'i-rahi Council(Tahitian)
High Chiefs Council(English)
 Tu-ra'i-Ari'i Ehe (Daughter of Kekoanui I)
 -  Total 4,167 km2 
1,609 sq mi 
 -   estimate 10,000  
Currency Tahitian Kim

Kingdom of Tahiti Edit

The Kingdom of Tahiti was founded by paramount chief Kekoanui I, whom, with the aid of Chinese and Russian traders and weaponry, unified the islands of Tahiti, Moʻorea,Tetiaroa, Mehetia and at its peak included the Tuamotus, Tubuai, Raivavae and other islands of eastern Polynesia. 

The Kingdom was one of a number of independent Polynesian states in Oceania alongside Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Rarotonga, and Niue.

Government and PoliticsEdit


The monarchy is a diarchy whereas the title of King is inherited by the first born male and the High Chief is inherited by the first born daughter.

High Chief CouncilEdit

The High Chief Council is one of the ruling bodies of the Kingdom of Tahiti. The first born daughter of the ruling King is the Highest Chief in the land. She governs along with her father and oversees the day to day workings of the Kingdom. The daughter gets a regent until she is of age to rule. The High Chief Council meets for one week each month on the island of Tahiti. When not in session the Chiefs rule their respective tribes as representatives of the King and High Chief.