Kingdom of Suebia
— Free Kingdom (Vappa Kuningaskunta) of The Cimbrian Alliance
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Finland, Kola Peninsula
ORange, Red, white, blue flag
Flag of Suebland
Kingdom of S. Suebia
Location of Suebland
(and largest city)
Viborg (Vyborg)
Suebian (Suebisch)
  others Pomor (Pomorska),

Karelian(Ludisch and Olonitsch), Izhorian (Izhoriana), and Vepian (Wepisch)

Religion Norse Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Veps, Karelians (Olonets and Ludes), Izhorians , Pomors,
Government Free Kingdom
  legislature Dukes and King of Suebia
Established 1216 (463 AD)
Admission 1220 (467 AD)

A Short History of Suebia

Suebia was likely the most diverse of the Kingdoms. After the Kingdom of Fennia was allowed to be established the other groups inside of Suebia were beginning to consider the prospect of becoming independent. Chief among these were the Karelians, who extended the central area of the kingdom. From them came the ideas and desires that spread to the other peoples. The first King of Suebia, Ludde, had the difficult task of deciding what to do about these people. The Kingdom of Fennia, as the King later stated to many of the Dukes who knew very well what the people in their Duchies wanted, was a special case and their independence was granted under extraordinary citcumstances. The Suebi, who moved into the new capital of Viborg (Vyborg) near the border of the Kingdom of Fennia. Ludde was doing his best to keep the Kingdom together and gave many decisions to the Dukes of the Kingdom. Ludde was counting on his successors to continue to maintain this Province. The strongest reason which Ludde had was the facct that Suebia was one of the largest Kingdoms in the Alliance and should not be divided. Also, the fact that many resources spread across the areas which were claimed by different groups would create more conflict than good and, said King Ludde, "If the Duchies became new Kingdoms then they would them progress into ashes."

A List of Kings of Suebia

King Ludde 1220- (467- AD)

The Duchies of Suebia

  • The Duchy of Gaetia
  • The Duchy of Ingria
  • The Duchy of Izhoria
  • The Duchy of Karelia
  • The Duchy of Kven
  • The Duchy of Ostrobothinia
  • The Duchy of Pomor
  • The Duchy of Sami
  • The Duchy of Savo
  • The Duchy of Tavastia
  • The Duchy of The North
  • The Duchy of Vepia
  • The Duchy of Vyborg


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