Kraljevina Srbija
Kingdom of Serbia
Divided between Croatia and the Roman Empire
Flag of Hungary (PMIII).svg
Flag of the Roman Empire 1265-Present.png
1536 - 1754 PM3HRFlagV2.0.png
Supposed Serbian Empire flag.svg Grb 1.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Pristina
Official language Serbian
Religion Orthodox Christianity
Government Constitutional Monarchy
KingJovan I Lazarević
Stephen Dusan IV Lazarević
Paul I Lazarević
 - Treaty of Cluj-Napoca June 16, 1536
 - Serbo-Croatian Occupation of Pristina January 18, 1754
Currency Roman Stavraton

The Kingdom of Serbia was an Archonate in the Roman Empire since the Romans conquered the region from the Hungarians and merged Hungarian Serbia with the Despotate of Zeta. Serbia remained one of the most important Archonates in the Empire for over two hundred years until it seceded from the Empire in 1754.

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