Kingdom of Scotland
Kinrick o Scotland
Timeline: Tudor Line
Flag of Scotland Kingdom of scotland royal arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe, 1530
Scotland controlled the mainland, but surrounding islands were under the Kalmar Union.
(and largest city)
Other cities Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen
Language Scottish Gaelic
Roman Catholic
  others Lutheran and Jewish
Ethnic Group Scottish, Norn
King James V, Robert IV, James VI, David III, William II
 Kingdom of Scotland is the only other realm apart from Personal Union of England and Ireland on the British Isles. It existed since the year 843 when Kenneth McAlpin became the first King of Scotland. In the early years multiple Norse settlers came to the western isles of Scotland, it took some centuries to become a part of Scotland. However, it suffered a giant succession crisis and was almost taken over by Edward I of England. However House Stuart later established itself and James IV of Scotland married a sister of Henry VIII of England.


James V and Robert IV

Scotland once again had a succession crisis, the ambitious Archibald Douglas married the Queen Mother after the death of James IV in 1512. His infant son James V inherited Scotland, which sent the country into regency. Archibald saw a chance to takeover Scotland during the 1530s, however unaware that Charlotte of France was already pregnant with James, he poisoned the king. Instead of taking power, Margaret called her brother and the English king came to help in a civil war, the young Robert IV came to power and eventually saw the golden age of Scottish economic power, establishing Scottish America. However following the civil war and a crackdown of Lutheran rebels in Hungary and the HRE he saw the remainder of the Lutheran Papacy come to his land. However Scotland was also an influence in their flee to OTL Quebec where they tried to create New Rome, instead Robert conquered it and the Lutheran faith gave up its claim to the Papal States.

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