Kingdom of Scotland
Timeline: One Battle

OTL equivalent: Scotland
Flag of Scotland Royal Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Edinburgh
Largest city Glasgow
Demonym Scottish
The Kingdom of Scotland was a totalitarian nation that occupied Scotland.


After the Nuclear War, all connection between Scotland and the rest of the world was cut. Scotland decided to become independent because they assumed England was dead. They demolished Hadrian's Wall and built another across the Scottish border to England in 1966 calling it, New Hadrian's Wall. The military patrolled and monitored the wall to make sure nothing could come over the wall. The only country Scotland had contact with was Ireland who had annexed Northern Ireland to become the Kingdom of Ireland. They became very close allies and over the years with no contact with anyone and the two countries became extremely xenophobic. In 1979, two men was spotted outside the New Hadrian's Wall. The patrolmen shot them immediately. It turned out they were part of the English military. A few months later, Ireland contacted them saying they saw a Welsh plane. In September 1979, Scottish military marched into England and Irish military marched into Wales. They found that England and Wales had not just a stable government, but a stable military. The United Kingdom of England and Wales killed most of the military that marched into England and Wales. This started the 'War of Great Britain and Ireland'. The war was, and still is, caught in a stalemate. In 1984, A English spy managed to get into Scotland and detonated a experimental chemical missile Scotland had been working on. It caused significant damage to Scotland and destroyed their main science facility. However, Scotland got revenge when, 2 years later, they finished the missile and launched it at the English city of New Manchester. It was reported that 300 thousand died in the attack. In 1989, Kingdom of Scotland and Kingdom of Ireland became the United Kingdom of Scotland and Ireland.

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