Königreich Sachsen (German)
Kingdom of Saxony
State of the German Empire (1871-1991)
Flag of Electoral Saxony.svg
1806–1991 Flag of Saxony.svg
Flag of Saxony.svg Wappen Deutsches Reich - Königreich Sachsen (Grosses) 1.png
Flag Coat of arms
NGW Saxony.png
The Kingdom of Saxony in the German Empire, in 1952.
Capital Dresden
Official language German,
Religion Catholicism, Protestant
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 - 1806-1827 Fredrick Augustus I(First)
 - 1968-1991 Emanuel I (Last)
 - Established 1806
 - Disestablished 1991
Currency Papiermark (1914-1938)
Reichsmark (until 1991)