Kingdom of San Paulo
San Paulo
Timeline: Regnum Bueno
Preceded by 1640-1953 Succeeded by
Flag Princes of Brazil Colonial Brazil Flagsaopaulov2update San Paulo
Flagsaopaulov1 Coatofarmssanpaulo
Flag of San Paulo Coat of Arms of San Paulo
Location of San Paulo

Que Deus proteja a nação próspera (Portuguese)
("God protect the prosperous nation")

Capital: São Paulo
Other cities: Paranaguá

São João del-Rei
São Vicente

Language: Portuguese
Religion: Roman Catholic
Type of government: Absolute monarchy (1640-1805)

Constitutional monarchy (1805-1953)

  Monarch: Amador I (first)

Serafim I (last)

Currency: Banterum

The Kingdom of São Paulo (Portuguese: Reino de São Paulo) was a monarchy on the South America and the predecessor of the actual São Paulo. It was in existence from 1640 until 1953.

After the Independence War of 1640–1644, the kingdom passed to be recognized. After the independence of Brazil, São Paulo improved its relations with the country constantly. In 1953, the country collapsed and became a socialist country. (The Workers' Revolution of 1953).

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