The Kingdom of Salaamberia Is a nation that is soverign over the Sagitterious Galaxy


(see History Of Salaamberia)

The Imperial Salaamberian Company was founded relatively recently to manage colonies in the Milky way Galaxy. Theri focus has been colonization and discovery. they currently regulate several colonies. Areas bordered by red are actual colonies and those bordered in orange are simply claims.

Salaamberian Claims
Imperial Salaamberian Company

The ISC was founded by a charter, for the purpose of regulating colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy.

War over Earth

Quite recently, a planet, known to the natives as Earth, was discovered. the natives were found to be savage, and the ISC demanded the natives not be contacted. when they were, several Hostages were executed. this led to a war with the Arazanians, and the eventual destruction of our home system. the ISC was blamed for this, and the company was disbanded, and all assets became property of the Kingdom of Salaamberia.


The Salaamberians maintain several battlefleets, with the most iconic ship in them being the Destructors (as shown) Which come in various sizes, shapes, and armaments. all are equipped with hyperdrive. they also have various other support vessels, battlestrikers, etc.


Any nation wishing to conduct diplomacy with Salaamberia can post here.

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