Kingdom of Romania
Regatul României
Timeline: The Global War Resurrected (Map Game)
Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania - Big CoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Romania 1910
Location of Kingdom of Romania

Nihil Sine Deo (Romanian)
("Nothing without God")

Anthem "Trăiască Regele"
(and largest city)
Language Romanian
Religion Romanian orthodox
Ethnic Group Romanian
Demonym Romanian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch Carol I
  House: Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen
Independence from Ottoman Empire
  declared 14 March 1881
Currency Romanian Leu
The Kingdom of Romania is a constitutional monarchy founded the 14 March 1881 and is considered as the first Romanian nation state. The Kingdom began with the reign of Carol I (born Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen) and its independence from the Ottoman Empire.

1910 to 1920

In 1910, King Carol became aware of the increase of troops in the Bulgarian Army, which increase his nervousness, as well as the parliament fearing a future war with Bulgaria.

Late 1910, the Tzar of Russia offered to turn Romania into a protectorate in order to protect the region against foreign invaders. King Carol I, seeing in it another attempt against his kingdom's sovereignty (and knowing that Bulgaria had allied with Russia) refused the offer.

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