Ragusan Republic

Pietro Menze is elected as head of the Ragusan Republic. 1390 , Pietro Menze loses the elections to Ivan Gundulić he is outraged and in 1399 Pietro Menze forms up a army of loyalists and overthrows the Republic and institutes a hereditary Monarchy. Pietro Menze improves Ragusa over the last years of his life and on the 13th of February, 1439. His son Alessandro Menze becomes King and his first decree is to continue his fathers work to improve Ragusa. Ragusa goes to war the Duchy of Naples. The war rages on and lasts 60 years and ends with a Ragusan Victory. Ragusa annexes the southern half of Naples. December 2, 1805. Ragusa sides with France during the Napoleonic wars and invades Austria the same day of the Battle of Austerlitz. With the defeat of the Austrians Ragusa gains all of Croatia and most of Slovenia.


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