Kingdom of the Britons
Kingdom of Britain (Pyrdain)

Teyrnas y Brythoniaid
Teyrnas Pyrdain

Timeline: Saint Muhammad
Preceded by 648-??? Succeeded by
Wales in the Early Middle Ages (especially Kingom of Gwynedd ???
Flag of Gwynedd Dragon Triskelion
Dynastic banner Coat of Arms
British kingdoms WarofWessex
Pyrdain as it was for most of its existence
Capital Abberfaw, later Llanfair PG
Largest city Cardiff
Other cities Truro
Welsh, Cumbric, Cornish
  others Gaelic, English, Pictish
Celtic Christianity (later Celtic branch of the Eastern Rite of Christianity)
  others Judaism, Paganism
Ethnic Groups
  others Hebrew
Government Monarchy
  legislature King
Area area km²
Population population 
Currency Solidus

The Kingdom of the Britons (Welsh: Teyrnas y Brythoniaid), later on referred to as the Kingdom of Pyrdain (Welsh: Teyrnas Pyrdain, was a state led by Wales in western Britain throughout the early Middle Ages. It was generally considered to be the center of a resurge of Celts against the Anglo-Saxon (and Jutish) invaders.