Königreich Preußen (German)
Kingdom of Prussia
State of the German Empire (1871-1991)
Flag of Brandenburg 1660-1750.jpg
1701–1991 Flag of Prussia (1918–1933).svg
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918).svg Wappen Deutsches Reich - Königreich Preussen (Grosses).png
Flag Coat of arms
NGW Prussia.png
The Kingdom of Prussia in the German Empire, in 1952.
Capital Berlin
Official language German
Religion Catholicism, Protestant
Government Absolute Monarchy (until 1848)
Constitutional Monarchy (1848-1991)
 - 1701-1713 Fredrick I (First)
 - 1888-1941 Wilhelm II
 - 1941-1951 Wilhelm III
 - 1951-1991 Louis Ferdinand (Last)
 - Established 1701
 - Disestablished 1991
Currency German Papiermark (1914-1937)
Reichsmark (until 1991)

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