Kingdom of Prussia
Timeline: German Invasion

OTL equivalent: Prussia
Flag of Prussia No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

To each his own (German)

Capital Koinsberg
Largest city Hamburg
Other cities Potsdam
Language German
Demonym Prussian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Reichstag
  Royal house: Hohenzollern
Chancellor Hermann Goring
Population 41,915,040 (1939 estimate) 
Established 18th of January 1701
Independence from Germany
Currency Deutschemark
Internet TLD .pr
Organizations League of Nations


The Kingdom of Prussia (Koingreich Prussia) is a Constitutional Monarchy in Western Europe. Founded in 1542 the nation shaped European history and helped the other major powers of Europe during war (e.g. the Napoleonic Wars) The monarchy was led by William the II until 1918 when the Treaty of Versaille stripped the nation of its monarchy. The claims made by the Royal Family is not recognized by the current German government but many Royalist groups support the return of the monarchy. 

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