Königreich Preußen
Kingdom of Prussia
Timeline: Blood and Iron
1701-1889 Succeeded by
Flag of Germany Republic of Germany
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Coat of Arms of Kingdom of Prussia
Flag of Kingdom of Prussia Coat of Arms of Kingdom of Prussia
Capital: Berlin
Largest city: Berlin
Language: German
Religion: Protestant
Ethnic group: German
Type of government: Monarchy
Currency: Vereinsthaler

Prussia was a large kingdom located in Central Europe. One of Europe's Great Powers, it seemed likely that the kingdom would unify the German states under the leadership of its Minister President, Otto von Bismarck. Following Bismarck's assassination and a humiliating loss in the Austro-Prussian War, Prussia began to decline. As the industrialization of the German states grew, so did the powers of the working class, who were lead by the increasingly powerful Socialist Workers' Party. When King Wilhelm II began to reverse the reforms the Socialists had worked to gain, riots and revolution broke out in Prussia and spread across the German states. Wilhelm II was forced into exile and the kingdom was abolished, replaced by the new Republic of Germany.

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