Naples was a nation in South Italy. Naples would go on to become the primary force behind the creation of the Kingdom of Italy, in 1434.

Urban Areas

The capital city of Naples was Naples. There were five main cities: Palermo, Tarento, Messina, Cagliari, and Palma in Mallorca. There were also smaller port cities all around the country.


Naples was divided into 25 provinces divided into 113 districts. Each province was administered for a governor sent from the capital city.


The official language was Italian, but Latin and Spanish have also official status. The official religion was Roman Catholic, but the Kingdom allowed the Orthodox Catholic and Islam. The Kingdom of Naples had inherited many cultures and traditions: from the Romans, Byzantines, Normans, German, Spanish and even Muslims.


Naples was a monarchy led by King Tancred II of Naples. Under him was the Supreme Governing Council, the legislature, which discussed and made some decisions about many important issues. From there, messages were carried to different parts of the kingdom. The government center was located in Naples, although there are also government buildings in Palermo.


The Kingdom of Naples was a kingdom which occupied the territories of southern Italy (Naples) and, during some periods, also the island of Sicily.

In 1442 Alfonso V, King of Aragon conquered Naples, which had been a domain of the Angevin dynasty since 1266. With regard to Sicily, was the domain of the Norman Hauteville dynasty since 1071, and became the domain of the Hohenstaufen in 1194, of the Angevin dynasty in 1266 and Aragonese domain since 1282.

Kingdom of Naples was a result of the partition of the Kingdom of Sicily, including all the lands peninsular as it was the de jure remnant of that kingdom, it is dubbed Kingdom of Naples to distinguish it from the island-based polity. During much of its existence, the realm was contested between French and Aragonese (Spanish) dynasties, but ended up belonging to the House of Naples.

In 1434, the Kingdom of Naples became the Kingdom of Italy.

Foreign Relations

Trade partners

Naples had economic traits with the following countries:

  • England
  • Aragon
  • Brandenburg
  • Papal States
  • The Caliphate
  • Venice
  • Savoy
  • Genoa
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Granada
  • Serbia
  • Portugal


Naples was allied with the following countries:

  • Aragon
  • Savoy
  • Brandenburg
  • Granada
  • England


Naples was cautious with the following countries:

  • Byzantine Empire
  • Castile


Naples had no enemies.


Naples currently never had any colonies.

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