Kingdom of Naples
Regno di Napoli (Italian)
Timeline: Napoleon's World

OTL equivalent: Italian States of Molise, Campania, Apulia, Basilicata & Calabria
Flag of the Kingdom of Naples (1811) Great Coat of Arms of Joachim Murat as King of Naples
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Naples
Largest city Naples
Other cities Campobasso, Bari, Catanzaro, Potenza, Taranto
  others Neapolitan, Sicilian
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic Group Sicilian
Demonym Neapolitan
Government Constitutional Monarchy
King Joachim I (1808-1824) (first)

Joachim V (1938-1944) (last)

  Royal house: Murat
Prime Minister
Established 1282
Independence from Naples-Sicily
  declared 1806
  recognized 1814
Annexation to Papal States
  date 1944
Currency Neapolitan lira

The Kingdom of Naples (Italian: Regno di Napoli) was a country in southern Italy that existed between 1808 and 1944, when it was officially combined with the Papal States due to its support of the Edmondian regime in the French Civil War. The kingdom, while historically associated with Sicily, came to develop independently following the rise of the Murat dynasty in Naples and the Bourbon survivalist state centered at Palermo.

By the 1920's, the Neapolitan kingdom was one of Europe's mightiest states, its economy dwarfing England, Spain and Portugal's, and was one of France's most reliable allies in the struggles in the Colonial conflicts in North Africa. Many Neapolitans consider the Republic of Italy to be the true successor state of the kingdom.


Napoleonic client state

Reign of Joachim III and Economic Boom

Foreign Policy of Naples and Conflicts with Sicily

1930's and Royal Turmoil

Italian Alliance and Dissolution

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