Currently, the Kingdom of Mexico is located in part of North America and has control of Guatemala. During WWI Mexico joined on the Imperial Germany's side and lost the war with the U.S. After that Mexico went into huge debt and ended up joining the Axis powers in WWII because of the Puppet Government Germany set up in Mexico after defeating the King Liston Carlos III. Also known as king Liston de Tejas or Liston the fair. After this Mexico went into super Debt and went into an economic and political depression, but besides their recent conditions and continuing civil war and rebellions in Guatemala Mexico has gone through some very good times before WWI and was once a world power. Mexico currently receives a lot of aid from the U.S.A and shares good relations with the Bahamas S.S.R

Recent Times

Foreign Policy






Freedom From Spain

Early Beginning

Golden Age

The Golden Age in Mexico was also known as the Climax of Mexico and in Spanish Los Anos Grandes. During this time Mexico went through a period of good emperors and little civil war. Gold was struck in La Baja California. Rich wealth was distributed to the banks and many people became very wealthy. The rich noblemen of Mexico stopped their quarreling for a moment.

Age of Rebellions

The age of Rebellions occurred when the state of Mexico, California created a large rebellion. Political disorder was currently going on and a separatist Republican group had decided on separation. Disorder was not as bad as it could have been, but the King of Mexico Antonio

Fascism Regime




Cold War

Modern Times

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