Kingdom of Malaya
ٍKerajaan Malaya
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: West Malaysia, Kra Isthmus
Flag of Malaya 1671 Malayan CoA 1671
Flag Seal
Malaya Map PMIV
Location of Kingdom of Malaya

"Majulah Malaya, Malaya Bersatu" (Malay
Regional Dialects)

(and largest city)
Kuala Lumpur
Other cities Penang
Alor Setar
Kuala Johor
Language Malay
Regional Dialects
Religion Tuahism
Ethnic Groups
Malay, Chinese
  others French, Dutch, Indian, Korean
Demonym Malayan
Government Monarchy
  legislature King
Population 2,900,000 
Currency Malayan Ringgit
The Kingdom of Malaya (Malay: Kerajaan Malaya) (Chinese: 馬來亞王國) is a nation in the Malayan Peninsula in Southeast Asia, bordering Siam, Singapore and Brunei. Formerly a Chinese tributary bordering Singapore, but the island was invaded by Burgundy in 1559, and Kuala Lumpur handed over to the Burgundians via a fair exchange with the Majapahit Empire in 1562. It has been a Burgundian protectorate since.

During the 1670s, Malaya began expanding into Borneo, establishing the state of Sabah. Malaya has slowly expanded further into the island after several years, controlling the northern coastline bordering Brunei.

Rulers Edit

  • Cempaka a/l Omar: 1588-1624 (d. 1624)
    • Kuning a/p Hara (Wife)
    • Omar II a/l Cempaka (Son) (b. 1601)
  • Omar II a/l Cempaka: 1624-1659 (d. 1659)
    • Puspasari a/l Omar (Son) (b. 1626)
    • Suria a/p Omar (Daughter) (b. 1637)
    • Khaalida a/p Farhah (Wife)
  • Puspasari a/l Omar: 1659-1675 (d. 1675)
    • Naqhil a/p Saiyuf (Wife)
  • Suria a/p Omar: 1675-1702 (d.1702)
    • Cermah a/l Failah (Husband)
    • Manjalara a/l Cermah (Son) (b. 1679)
  • Manjalara a/l Cermah: 1702-1738 (d. 1738)
    • Cheng Hua Luo (Wife)
    • Bintang a/l Manjalara (Son) (b. 1704)
    • Cheng Shin Tang (Son) (b. 1704)

Biarchic EraEdit

  • Bintang a/l Manjalara (1741-1759) (d. 1759)
    • Azura a/l Bintang (b. 1732)
  • Cheng Shin Tang (1741-1759) (d. 1759)
    • Cheng Ren Low (b. 1730)

Standard MonarchyEdit

  • Cheng Ren Low (1759-1778)
    • Tan Feng Hua (Wife)
    • Cheng Han Pin (Son)
  • Azura a/l Bintang (1778-)
    • Raya a/p Harana (Wife)
    • Teka a/p Azura (Daughter)

Foreign Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Positive Relations Edit

Neutral Relations Edit

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Economy Edit

Malayan Peninsula Edit

Exports of tin, local produce, fish and wood. Revenue from trade.

Sabah Edit

Exports of local produce, fish and wood.

Military Edit

The military of the Kingdom of Malaya is mainly centered around naval warfare, although a few units of soldiers exist for the purpose of landing in enemy territory.

Royal Navy Edit

  • 20 galleons
  • <40 frigates
  • 30 convertible landing crafts/naval craft

Royal Guard Edit

  • 3,000 foot soldiers
  • 100 Royal Guardsmen

Footnote Edit