المملكة الليبية
Regno di Libia

Kingdom of Libya
Timeline: Ya Beladi!

OTL equivalent: Libya
Flag of Libya Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Libya
Flag Coat of Arms
Libya (Libya centered; orthographic projection)
Location of Libya

Motto: الحرية والعدل و الملكية
(Arabic: "Liberty, Justice, Monarchy")

Anthem Libya Libya Libya
Capital Tripoli, Benghasi, Bayda
Largest city Tripoli
Other cities Benghasi, Bayda, Tobruk, Zuwara, Sabha, Murzuq, Ajdabya, Sirte, etc
Language Arabic
Demonym Libyan
  Other religions: Christianity, Judaism, Buddism
Ethnic group Arab-Berber - 69.65%
Berber - 14.34%
Italian - 12.11%
Turk - 5.14%
African - 4.86%
Hindu - 3.2%
American - 2.8%
Asian - 0.5%
Other - 0.5%
Type of government Constitutional Monarchy
  Government National Congress
  • Senate (Upper House)
  • House of Representatives (Lower House)
Monarch: Mohamed Al Sennusi
  Royal House: House of Sennusi
Prime Minister: Fayez al-Sarraj
Area 1,759,530 km² (17th)
Established 1951
Independence from Kingdom of Italy
  Declared 24 December 1951
  Recognized 25 December 1951
Currency Libyan pound
Gini 30,1
HDI 0.795 (20th)

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