The Kingdom of Libya (Hellenic: Βασίλειον της Λιβύη Basíleion tēs Libýē, Italian: Regno di Libia) came into existence upon independence on 24 December 1949 and lasted until a coup d'état led by Munatas Taderfit on 1 September 1969 overthrew King John I and established the People's Democratic Republic of Libya.

Demographics 1949

Moors 432,831 (47.38%)

Greeks 291,236 (31.88%)

Italians 139,119 (15.23%)

Others 50,378 (5.51%)

TOTAL 913,564

Demographics 1969

Moors 877,117 (52.16%)

Greeks 563,678 (33.52%)

Italians 208,419 (12.39%)

Others 32,525 (1.93%)

TOTAL 1,681,739

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