Kemet name
M(e)ntrro pe-Khme(t) (Sahidic Coptic)

Kingdom of Kimit
Timeline: Saint Muhammad
Preceded by 728 - 821 Succeeded by
Constantinople-Banner Byzantine Empire Caldea Empire of Aram under Husayn the Great
Coptic Banner SM Coptic Cross
Flag Royal Standard (Copt Cross)
[[Image: |220px|Location of Egypt]]
Capital: Alexandria
Largest city: Alexandria
Other cities: Bedhet, Swãn, Waset, others
Coptic (Bohairic and Sahidic in the Christian regions, Achimimic and Revived Demotic in the Pagan ones; Fayyumic, Mesochemic and Subachimimic used locally)
  other languages: Greek, Aramaic, Nubian, others
Coptic Christianity
  other religions: Paganism, Judaism, Medinan Church, Nestorian and Orthodox churches
Ethnic groups:
  other: Arab, Nubian
Type of government: Monarchy
Area: area km²
Population: ~7,000,000? 
Currency: Coptic solidus

 The Kingdom of Kimit (Sahidic Coptic: M(e)ntrro pe-Khme(t)) was a state existing in Egypt (or Kimit/Kemet) between the Copt Revolt of 727 and its inheritance by Husayn the Great in his Empire of Aram in 823.

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