Kingdom of Kent
Timeline: Saint Muhammad
Preceded by late V Century - 677 Succeeded by
Brythonic Britain Flag of Wessex.svg Kingdom of Seaxe
Duchy of Wight
Flag of Kent
Kingdom of Kent Map
Capital: Isle of Thanet, later Kent
Largest city: Kent, Canterbury
Jutish, later Anglo-Saxon
  other languages: Welsh, French
Paganism, later Christianity
  other religions: Judaism, Paganism
Ethnic groups:
  other: Hebrew
Type of government: Monarchy
  government: King
Area: area km²
Population: population 
Currency: Solidus

The Kingdom of Kent was one of the kingdoms of the Heptarchy and the only Jutish-led independent monarchy in the British Isles. Due to their differences with the Angle and Saxon states, it was one of the last states to survive the Anglo-Saxon Consolidation (in which the different states of the Heptarchy were unified into Kingdom of Angeln and Kingdom of Seaxe [both of which would later join into Kingdom of Angleland]) before being annexed by Seaxe. Jutes later fled to the Isle of Wight, held by their allies from Pyrdain, whilst others stayed at Kent, where their descent still makes their majority.

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