Kingdom of Ireland
Timeline: Tudor Line
800px-Four Provinces Flag svg Coat of arms of the Lordship of Ireland
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe, 1530
Ireland is shown as a part of the Personal Union as of 1550s.
Capital Dublin
Largest city Dublin
Other cities Belfast
Language English and Irish
Roman Catholic
  others Lutheran and Jewish
Ethnic Group Irish
King Henry VIII, Henry IX, Arthur I, Edward VI
 Kingdom of Ireland is a title created by Henry VIII after his ascention to the throne. It is a reformed version of the former Lordship of Ireland. The bull of the english Pope Adrian IV called the Laudabiliter allowed Henry II to start the Norman Invasion of Ireland in 1169. Due to the decrease power of the English monarchy after the Black Death, even during the time of Henry VIII there were mostly native Irish lords.


Henry VIII

In 1541 Henry VIII made Ireland into a kingdom again upon the death of the last High Stewart of Ireland, George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury, and decided to proclaim a personal union of the two lands. Though Ireland was considered Papal land under temporal English control, the Pope Gregory XIII couldn't really oppose, he already had problem with the reformational movement. To partially stamp the spread of irish resistance, so he gave the title Earl of Tyrone to the powerful Conn O'Neill, 1st Earl of Tyrone to appease him. Around this time he finished the conquest of Ireland by taking down the last independent lords.

Henry IX and Arthur I

The confusion during the reigns of Henry IX and Arthur I seen the rise of Jenico Preston, 3rd Viscount Gormanston to be the de facto leader of Ireland. A loyal man to the king as the de facto leader of Ireland angered the Lords beyond believable levels. Frith-Béarla was created from the independence wanting Lords of Ireland, centered around the O'Neills. Jenico fought that the death of Henry IX would reunite Ireland, however even though Arthur granted him the new title High Duke of Dublin for his help, the war with Louis I of Portugal saw Arthur dethroned.

Edward VI

Edward came quickly after Arthur and the chaos of succession was a perfect chance for a group to declared the new state called The Kingdom of Éire in 1584 and put the O'Neill Phelim I of Éire on the new Throne. Immediately the War over Ireland started. Following the putdown in 1585 many continued and Manus O'Donell became their new leader. It was completely destroyed in 1587. For the rest of Edward's reign multiple peasants rose up and were crushed again and again.

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