Kingdom of Ireland
Timeline: One Battle

OTL equivalent: Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland
Flag of Ireland Coat of arms of Ireland
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital New Dublin
Largest city Belfast
Language English
Religion Catholic
Demonym Irish
Kingdom of Ireland was a totalitarian nation that occupied the island of Ireland.


After the Nuclear War, Ireland lost all connections with the world except with Scotland. Ireland annexed Northern Ireland in 1965, very soon after the war, assuming England and Wales was dead. Ireland and Scotland became extremely xenophobic and totalitarian. In 1973, Scotland saw and killed two English soldiers. A few months later, Ireland saw a Welsh plane flying around the Irish coast. In September 1973, the Scottish/Irish Invasion of England and Wales begins which makes the beginning of the War of Great Britain and Ireland. In 1989, the Kingdom of Ireland and Kingdom of Scotland unite to become the United Kingdom of Scotland and Ireland.

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