Kingdom of Hungary
Magyar Királyság
Timeline: Tudor Line
Flag Coat of Arms of Hungary (Tudor Line)
Flag Coat of Arms
Hungary, 1530
Kingdom of Hungary during the reign of Louis II.
Capital Buda
Largest city Buda
Other cities Bratislava, Pest
Language Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian
Roman Catholic
  others Lutheran and Jewish
Ethnic Group Hungarian
King Louis II, Casimir I, Wenceslaus II, Bela VI, Joachim I


Ottoman Invasion of Hungary

Partition of Hungary

Ottoman Transylvania was given to Ottomans in 1563.

In 1520 Louis II's diplomat insulted Suleiman of the Ottomans and he declared war which made the borders disputed until 1563, then Suleiman signed peace with Louis' son Casimir I, who had to give up several places in the south. Ottoman Transylvania was a rather useless land, as it was re-occupied by either side about six times. The river Tisa was made the border, though Casimir originally wanted Mures river to be the border. However, Suleiman wanted a lot more.