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The Kingdom of Hispania

Kingdom of Hispania
"Regnum de Hispaña "
Timeline: The Ashes of Rome (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Iberia, Parts of Gaul, Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain
Hispanic Flag-0 Hispanic coat of arm
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Hispania
(and largest city)
Language Gothic, Latin, Hispañol
Religion Arian Christianity
Ethnic Group Visigoths
Demonym Hispanic/Hispaniard
Government Absolute Monarchy
  legislature King/Queen
King/Queen Alexander Salvioli
Currency Gothic Euro
Hispanic regions 2
Formed in 740 CE out of the tattered remains of the Gothic Empire, Hispania is the name given to the the political entity that controls the Iberian peninsula and a fraction of Gaul.The Kingdom of Hispania is a western European nation located on the Iberian peninsula. The region gained its sovereignty as a unified nation from the Gothic Empire after a drawn-out collapse. Basing itself on Roman principles and customs, the Hispanic people claim to be descendants of people from Gotland and the rightful heirs to the European territory they lost.









Hispanic Regions

Hispanic Regions experience a unique autonomy like no other, in which each region has a selective number of representatives equivalent to its total acreage divided by its population.

  1.   Galicia
  2.   Suebia
  3.   Extremadura
  4.   Vasconia
  5.   Castilla
  6.   Leon
  7.   Toledo
  8.   Andalusia
  9.   La Mancha
  10.   Murcia
  11.   Valencia
  12.   Cataluña
  13.   Vangoth


Visigothic Monarchs:

# Monarch Years Lived Date of Rule Kingdom
NA King Alaric II NA NA Visigothic

Gothic Empire "High Chairman" :

# Monarch Years Lived Date of Rule Kingdom
1 Lucien I NA NA Gothic
2 Ashton Martell NA NA Gothic
3 Becket Lousean I & Alaric Lousean I NA NA Gothic
4 Alphonso-Riqueza Lousean NA NA Gothic
5 Roderic Lousean I NA NA Gothic
6 Sventhila Lousean I 673-745 = 72 700-745 Gothic

Hispanic Monarchs:

# Monarch Years Lived Date of Rule Kingdom
1 Sventhila Lousean I 673-745 = 72 700-745 Visigothic/Hispania
2 Alexander Salvioli ???-??? 745-??? Hispania

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