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Βασίλειο της Ελλάς
Vasíleio ti̱s Ellás (Greek)

Kingdom of Hellas
Timeline: Saint Muhammad
Preceded by 808 - 898 Succeeded by
Byzantine Empire ????
Flag of Greek Macedonia
Capital: Athens
Largest city: Corinth
Other cities: Delphi, Sparti
Tsakonian (Doric officially), Greek
  other languages: Other Hellenic languages
Greek neo-Paganism
  other religions: Orthodox Christianity, Slavic rites
Ethnic group: Greek
Type of government: Monarchy
  government: Irene's family
Area: area km²
Population: ~200,000? 
Currency: Solidus

The Kingdom of Hellas was a state established after Irene's War. It was the first Neo-Pagan led state in the world as well as the first (in later phases) to have a mostly Aristophanist government.

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