Official Name: Kingdom of Great Britain

Common Name: Great Britain

Government said: parliamentary democracy

Government actual: Monarchy

Capital: York

Languages: three main (English, French and Norwegian)

Head of State and Government: Queen Mary 5 (since October 08, 1969)

Deputy Head of Government: Prime Minister Edward Bar (since April 14, 2000)

Population: 87,620,800

Largest Cities: York (8,650,000), Bombay (7,420,000), Glasgow (5,374,500), Birmingham (4,110,000), Belfast (2,816,500), Dublin (2,263,000), Sidney (1,765,000)

Religion: 95% Christian of various forms (Roman Catholicism, Anglican Protestantism and Baptists of various forms are most common), many different belief systems and religions.

Racial Makeup of Population: White 86.7%, Black 3.5%, Colored or mixed-race 2.3%, Indian 5.6%, Arab 1%, Asian 0.9%

Founding Date: 1066 after the Battle of Hastings

Date of Current Borders: January 1985

OTL Borders: Most of west and north England, North Wales, North West France, West Norway, India and others.

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