Kingdom of Great Britain
Timeline: Daniel's World
Flag of the United Kingdom Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of the administrative geography of the United Kingdom
Map of the British Isles, Great Britain in red.

The Sun Never Sets (English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Ulster)

Anthem "God Save Our King/Queen"
Capital London
Largest city London
Other cities Edinburgh, Southampton, Cardiff, Belfast,
Language English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Ulster
Religion Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Ethnic Group Ethnic Groups:
  • 91% White
  • 5% Asian
  • 2% Muslim
  • 2% Black
Demonym Briton
Legislature Unitary parliamentary, constitutional monarchy
Monarch Charles III
  Royal house: Buckingham Palace
Prime Minister Nick Clegg
Population 56,000,000 
Established History:
  • Acts of Union of England and Scotland: 1 May, 1707
  • Acts of Union of Great Britain and Ireland: 1 January, 1801
  • Irish Free State: 5 December, 1922
  • Formation of Northern Ireland which stays with the union: 5 December, 1922
  • Scottish Independence: 4 September, 2014
  • Formation of South Scotland, which stays with the union: 3 January, 2015
  • Unification of England, South Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland into one country: 6 March, 2015
Currency Pound sterling
Time Zone GMT
  summer BST
Calling Code +44
Internet TLD .uk

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