Kingdom of Ghana
Flag of Ashanti Gyen lg
Flag Coat of Arms
Egypt 1 copy 4
Location of

"March on!" (Ghanese)

Anthem ""Long live the King""
Capital and largest city Koumbi Saleh
  others Arabic, Egyptian, Latin
  others Islam, Judaism, African tradionalism
Ethnic Groups
  others Egyptian, Roman, Brazilian
Demonym Ghanese
Government Absolute monarchy
King Afolabi
Area 5,621,793 km²
Population 156,398,277 
  per capita $52,756
Established 400 CE
Currency Ghanese Copper Piece
The Kingdom of Ghana (also called the Ghanese Kingdom, the Ghanese Empire, or simply Ghana) is a large nation in Western Africa.  It also possess colonies in South America.



The origins of the Kingdom can be traced back to a combined coalition of smaller kingdoms, which formed an alliance in response to Egyptian expansion.  Eventually, it evolved into the Kingdom of Ghana, under the reign of King Majan Dyabe Cisse, the first King of Ghana.


The northern part of Ghana proper consists of the Sahara Desert, while the southern part consists of jungle terrain.  The colonies are within the Amazon Jungle.


Ghana is a very warm region, with much of the land consisting of rainforests and deserts.  The average temperature in Koumbi Saleh is generally 27.5 degrees Celesius.  The record low was 15 degrees Celesisus.





The Ghanese Kingdom is an absolute monarchy, ruled by a King.  The king is the commander in chief of the military, as well the head of foreign relations.  He controls every aspect of the Kingdom, including the economy.  Like most monarchies, it is hereditary.  If the king has no proper heirs, then it will got o the King's closest male relative.  

It is divided into several vassal states, which swear collective loyalty to the king.  Each vassal is free to manage their land, but they are not allowed their own military, and cannot ever challenge the Kingdom proper.  Outside of the primary kingdom are the territories, which include their conquests in South America, and outside their core.

Judicial System

Ghanese law systems are often kept restricted to the separate tribes, and they generally perform trials and punishemnts based on tradition.  Large scale offenses against the state proper are tried in the Ghanese Royal Court, which is persided over by a series of judges, who are also nobles.  The court is then divided into two systems, one of which defends the accused, and the other prosecutes.


While the Ghanese military, known as the Ghanese Royal Army, is not as large as its Egyptian neighbor, they maintain a powerful army, navy, and air force.  The King is the Commander in Chief of the military, and all Ghanese soldiers pledge loyalty to him.  

Since they do not possess as many colonies as the Egyptians, they are not as capable of projecting themselves as fully on the world scale.  Military operations outside of Africa are generally kept restricted to their territories in South America, and do not place military bases outside of their territory.  King Ashon would later install military bases along the Egyptian border, which was a source of brief contention between Egypt and Ghana.  King Abiyoe would later establish further military bases along the border.

Human Rights

The Kingdom is long criticized by other nations for supposed human rights abuse.  The internet is censored, and certain sites that are considered "bad for national cohesion" are blocked.  Criticizing the King is punishable by law, and the punishment is known for being severe.  Police officers have been known to beat people for what has been deemed as "un-patriotic".

Women are forbidden for holding government, or judicial positions.  Though are allowed to enter into the military or police force, but are not allowed to enter into an officers position, and are generally restricted to administrative or medical roles.

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