Kingdom of France
Royaume de France
Timeline: Tudor Line
Flag of Île-de-France Coat of Arms of Kingdom of France
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe, 1530
France during the reign of Francis II in dark blue.
(and largest city)
Other cities Nantes, Bayeux, Laon, Reims, Le Puy, Toulouse, Bordeaux
Language French, Occitan, Breton, Basque, Alsatian, Walloon, Francique, Franco-Provençal
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic Group French, Norman, Occtan, Breton
King Francis I, Francis II, Louis XIII, Charles IX

Kingdom of France is a west european sovereign state contoled by a king of House Valois. It is a haven for many artists, because the french kings like to show off.


Francis I was a supporter of arts and building in a renaissance style. In 1523 he, Henry VIII of England and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor renewed the Treary of London . In 1536 tubercolusis spread to France killing many including Francis I. When he died his son Francis II became the new king. Francis and Mary were celebrated across France as the best monarchs, their coronation was however canceled many times before Paris was finally disease-free in 1541. Most of his life was spent outside showing off and though loved, he almost emptied the coffers, so in 1571 he increased taxes. This was not very popular, but his lords said yes. Dying in 1573, he was buried in one of the biggest funerals, 100,000 people attended and Louis XIII didn't officially have himself crowned until a month later from rescept.

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