Royaume de France
Kingdom of France
Timeline: French Brazil
Preceded by 1815-1920 Succeeded by
Flag of FranceFirst French Empire Second French EmpireFrenchFacist
FrenchRioFlag Grand Royal Coat of Arms of France.svg
Flag of Kingdom of France Coat of Arms of Kingdom of France

Montjoie Saint Denis! (French)
("Mount joy Saint Denis!")

Capital: Paris
  other languages: German, Italian, Spanish
Roman Catholic
  other religions: Protestantism
Type of government: Constitutional Parlamentary Monarchy
  King of France: Louis XVIII(Officialy: 1795 – 1824)

Charles X(1824-1836)
Louis XIX(1836-1844)
Henry V(1844-1883)
Jean III(1883-1887)
Charles XI(1887-1909)
Jacques I(1909-1918)

Currency: French Franc
The Kingdom of France was the nation in Europe to occupy France until its defeat in the First World War.

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