Kingdom of Florida

Reino de la Florida


Flag of Kingdom of Florida, 1799-1802 


Nuestro reino para nosotros (Spanish)

"Our Kingdom, for Ourselves"

Location of Florida
Capital St. Augustine
Language(s) Spanish, English
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Kingdom
- 1799–1802 Marlen Lutu'ere
- Independence declared 13 January 1797
- Established 1 January 1799
- Disestablished 3 April 1802
The Kingdom of Florida was a short-lived kingdom founded on the 1st of January 1799; however, it declared its independence 2 years previously. It, like the Republic of Havana, fought against the Spanish over the Spanish slavery laws, and won, mostly due to the revolution being fought between not only black slaves and their white masters, but also abolitionists. Their victory, on December 25th. 1798. at the battle of Maulu Creek led the way to the treaty of Lisbon, and the January 1st declaration of the Kingdom of Florida, with the leader of the revolution, Marlen Lutu'ere, declaring himself king, despite calls for a republican democracy.

The first major problem in the state was its economy, which was kept up in Spanish time due to slavery being the economic powerhouse in the colony. King Marlen Lutu'ere set off in a boat on the 3rd of March to met with the President of the Nearby nation of Havana, originally planning for the states bond through alliance and trade treaties, but later through outright union between the states. Due a dysfunctional economy and an increase in unrest across the nation, Florida accepted the third version of the Union treaty of 1802, in which both nations would unite under republican democratic law, with elections. This union was thought to have boosted the economy in Florida due to a shared wealth with the plantation heavy Cuba. The treaty was signed, and on the 3rd of April 1802, the two nations united to create the Republic of Cuba.

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