Kingdom of England
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: England, Brittany, Calais, Ormond, Westmeath, Wales
Flag of England Coat of Arms of Henry IV of England (1399-1413)
Flag Coat of Arms
Kingdom of England Map I
England and surrounding nations

God Save the King! (English, Gaelic)

Anthem "I Vow to Thee My Country"
Capital London
Largest city London, York, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Other cities Canterbury, Plymouth, Cardiff, Dublin, Liverpool, Birmingham
Language English, Gaelic
Religion Catholic
Ethnic Group Saxon, Pictish, Celt
Demonym English, Englander
Government Absolute Monarchy
  legislature The Parliament
King Henry IV of Lancaster
  Royal house: Lancaster
Established 927 (estimated)
Currency Pound Stirling

The Kingdom of England

The Kingdom of England was formally established after the fall of the Roman Empire and the weakened state of Provincia Britannica. In 1066 the Normans invaded from France and established the current Kingdom. Subsequently the House of Plantagenet from Anjou inherited the English throne under Henry II adding England to the budding Angevin Empire of fiefs the family had inherited in France including Aquitine. The continued reign has seen the rise of King Richard I and II and the more recent monarch, Henry IV. Recent history has not been kind to England however, with the Black Death 1348, killing an estimated half of the poulation, to the Hundred Years' War with France over the rightful claimants of the thrones of France and England. More to come ...

Current Government

Currently the government is adminstered by His Majesty, Henry IV after the desposation of the former King Richard II, his cousin. The government has suffered recently under numerous rebellions including the hated Welsh rebellions. The current government consists of the Parliament and the King as its Head. The government currently is operating with limited input from the Parliament, with a more heavy interest with the Privy Council and the King himself. More to come ...

Foreign Relations


  • The Crown of Castile
  • United Nordic Crown
  • Desmond
  • Ulster
  • Holland


  • The Kingdom of Rome


  • Kingdom of Scotland


  • Kingdom of France


  • Welsh rebels

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