In 1912, the Englibs staged a referendum on restoring the monarchy, which won by a landslide. The Party ensured, however, that there would be debate over who the proper king was. The major contendors being King Albert of the Commonwealth of British Nations, King Louis of Scotland, or whether England should adopt a new dynasty. The leader of the Englibs, John Cartwright, was proclaimed Regent, ostensibly until the proper king was acknowledged. The Englibs removed, one by one, the old Parliamentary restrictions on the Crown's power, making Cartwright into a totalitarian dictator, aiming to restore English might.

Welsh Revolution

In 1914, Wales rebelled, declaring itself the sovereign Kingdom of Wales. Cartwright reluctantly permitted Wales to secede, knowing that England was not yet strong enough to go to war again. Wales became part of the United Kingdom of Scotland and Wales.

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