The Kingdom of England is a nation in Western Europe, compromising of several different sections of lands at different times, including England, Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, and Ireland; and under the Normans Normandy in France and Italian Settlements between the Papal States and the Fatimid Caliphate. Furthermore, Western France became tied to the English Crown after the House of Plantagenet.

House of Wessex

King Athelstan received word of Córdoba's colonisation of Ard Marjhoola, to which he supposedly replied a congratulations. Later King Edmund II, leading attacks against Danish invaders, made the remark: "Why don't they go fight the Saracens in the new world instead?".

House of Denmark

Danish invasion brought the Danish and English Crowns together.

House of Wessex Restored

Short period of the return of Wessex prior to Norman invasion.

House of Normandy

Conquest of the English Crown by the Normans, also controlled part of Italy at the time.

House of Plantagenet

Kingdom of England - 1172

Kingdom of England, c. 1172

Under this house, Western France became tied to the English crown, and effectively moved the capital to France, with the British mainland becoming second best to land in France. This not only annoys native Britons, but the French crown as well. This leads to competition during the Crusade of the new World but effects little in the way of territory in mainland France.

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