Kingdom of Dubhshlaine
Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est).png
214 BC–Ongoing
Flag of Dubhshlaine (Romae Delende Est).png Flag of Dubhshlaine (Romae Delende Est).png
Flag Coat of arms
Approximate Settlement of Dubhshlaine
Official language Primitive Goidelic Irish Languages
Religion Pagan - Primitive Celtic Worship
Government Monarchy/Oligarchy
 - Lost Civil War 214 BC
 - Disestablished Ongoing
 - 214 BC est. 75,000 (estimate) 
 - 212BC est. 50,000 (estimate) 
Currency Barter

After losing the war to the south and eastern tribes of Ireland. The northern tribes were forced to leave and were set asail to the north. After a week or so of travel they hit land. Upon crash landing into OTL Iceland. VERCINGETORIX NYNNIAW and his followers begin to set up a camp and over the following year begin to spread and begin fishing and other advanced tribal life.

Dubhshlaine means dark, and thus, seeing their recent losses call themselves the Kingdom of the Dark.


215BC - X

in 215 the northern Celtic tribes of Ireland lost a war to the southern and eastern tribes over a land dispute. They were sacrificed and set asail to apease the gods. They crashed in southern OTL Iceland. After setting up their kingdom they had a difficult time in the winters of 213BC and 212BC, losing an estimated 25,000 people due to lack of food and shelter. However, Dubhshlaine continued, and expanded as they searched for more fields to plant and wood to use.

Knowledge of the World

  • Basic Agriculture
  • Hunting and gathering
  • Basic bronze, stone, and wood tools.
  • NO contact with any other civilizations

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