Kingdom of Denmark-Sweden
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1384-1612 Succeeded by
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After realizing the power they have combined, the Kingdom of Denmark-Sweden was founded as a shaky duel monarchy between Denmark and Sweden. In the beginning, it was mostly a loose union, but consolidated as time went on.

In the start, the two kings met and discussed issues in their local kingdoms. It changed soon after, so that they had to unify things like currency and military. Eventually, they had to both implement the same things in their respective kingdoms, and were forced to make compromises. They were basically the same entity, only divided into two areas.


Now that the two kingdoms were together, they focused their priorities in getting ahead in the Renaissance. They quickly build places like art schools and cultural centers, and religious centers like churches. They did well in the art aspect, becoming well known for their usage of blues and greens.

Focus and Tyranny

When the Renaissance ended for Denmark-Sweden, they began to focus more on politics in the rest of Europe. They were still neutral on a lot of issues, but attempted to gain a foothold in places like Sicily and Portugal (and the rest of Southern Europe).

As the fifteen hundreds passed by and Denmark-Sweden entered the seventeenth century, they began to use their subjects as pawns for the kings own advancement in social and economic status. Protests began in major trade areas in favor of a republic. It was installed in 1608, but the king didn't officially acknowledge it until he had to face death in 1612.