Kingdom of Cuzco
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Kingdom of Cuzco
Cuzco edits.
Cuzco in yellow, Ica-Nazca in green, Chiribaya in pink.
Capital Cuzco
Largest city Cuzco
  others Aymara
Ethnic Groups
  others Ayraman, Wankan
Demonym Cuzcan
Population 260,000. 
Established 1197

The Kingdom of Cuzco is a sovereign nation in eastern South America, just north of Lake Titicaca. Cuzco is the dominant power of the Region, rivaled only by the Ica-Nazca and their vassals.

History Pre-1400

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History 1400-1491

Cuzco, at first, was a nation content with itself. Expanding only to increase living space at first. Eventually Cuzco came out of its shell and pushed into the Aymara's then disorganized territory. Cuzco, while doing this, made an alliance with the Ica-Nazca. Because of this alliance, the Ayamaras in the north Centralized and formed a more united state to resist Cuzco's efforts. Cuzco then fell into an unexpected period of total isolation, allowing the Ica-Nazca to rise as the regional power. When Cuzco returned, they invaded the Ayamaras. The Ica-Nazca offered help, but their price was too much for Cuzco so Cuzco responded by cutting relations for a year, leading to a near war between the two. With Out the Nazca's help, Cuzco failed to conquer the Aymara's completely. Rather than continue a war that was going nowhere, Cuzco began the long process of establishing economic dominance in the region, becoming the trading Center point for the region. Cuzco eventually vassalized the Wanka in the post war years. Cuzco eventually became the leader state in an alliance known as Tawatinsuyu, an economic agreement between Cuzco, Wankas, the Ica-Nazca and Chiribaya. This new found economic power allowed Cuzco to dominate the Ayamaras, forming their second vassal Qullasuyu. As Cuzco rose again, the Ica-Nazca began to fall. Leading Cuzco to invade in an effort to achieve undisputed power, dubbed the War for Cuzcan dominance IN 1487, Cuzco made contact with the Mapuche. In 1491, Cuzco achieved total victory over the Nazcas


After achieving their desired victory over the Ica-Nazca, Cuzco SHOULD have begun a rebuilding process, but instead it plunged into civil war. The cause of this war was the death of Cuzco's king on the battlefield. Having two sons who where capable for the throne, the King never named a successor. The brothers put aside the and continued the war, however, when Brother A had to Cuzco to deal with revolts, he saw the perfect opportunity to seize power, militarizing Cuzco's borders and ordering his brother to surrender. Instead of complying with Brother A's orders, Brother B ordered his army to attack, cutting Cuzco in two. Brother A's half became known as the Cuzcan empire and brother B's empire became the reborn Tawatinsuyu, or the Inca empire.

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