17th January

a referendum is held to decide the name for the country once the Kingdoms of Cleveland and Northumbria unite.

There are several possibilities. They are as follows with votes cast:

  • Kingdom of Albion - 72,047
  • New United Kingdoms - 14,873
  • New Brittania - 3,497
  • Greater Cleveland - 3,267
  • Greater Northumbria - 2,564
  • all others - 1,203.

14th May 2010 PM Mallon announces that the Kingdom of Cleveland expanding to include any remaining settlements in the non-irradiated sections of the former counties of North, South and West Yorkshire. Teams will be sent into these area to give out supplies, long wave radios and small wind turbines to any settlements that require them.

The countries northern border will be the River Tyne, however due to the radiation that still exists around the Newcastle/Gatehead area the actual boundary will be 20 miles south of the river.

PM Mallon also announces that teams will be sent into the East Riding of Yorkshire to survey the area for survivors and any resources that Cleveland would need.

21st May 2010

Referendum day in the Kingdom of Cleveland for inclusion into the Celtic Alliance, initial out going polls indicate that the vote is has been no, however votes will be finished counting on the 27th with the results announced on the 28th.

28th May 2010

At 10am the results of the referendum on the Kingdom of Cleveland joining the Celtic Alliance. The vote was as follows:

  • Yes - 17%
  • No - 83%

the voter turn out was 78%.

Prime Minister Mallon makes a statement at 11am, that the people of Cleveland had spoken, but just because the vote had been no, that trade relations were just as good as before the referendum.

2010 election results

Election day was on the 2nd June, results were announced on the 4th June:

  • Prime Minister Mallon's Royalist party wins fourth election with a small majority of 14 seats,
  • The Labour party is second with 11 seats
  • The Conservative Party has seven seats,
  • There are two independents.
  • The Liberal democrats have one seat.

Voter turnout was 62%.

10th June 2010

Prime Minister Mallon announces that the number of MP's in the next election will be increased from 35 to 60, this will involve dividing some rural constituencies into smaller areas as well as including villages and surrounding areas claimed on the 14th May 2010. He says that increasing the numbers of MP's will help with the voting in of new laws as currently there are too many hung parliaments over legislative votes.

He also states that the next election will be in the 1st week in May 2015 and that the length of any parliament will be a maximum of five years.

Lost Nuke

12th June

Three teenagers are admitted to James Cook Hospital suffering severe radiation sickness, all three of their families are also suffering but with much less severity. An investigation by the army finds that all three had been on a camping trip within 3 days of being admitted to hospital. An army team is dispatched to the area of thick woodland near Hamsterley. The teenagers all die between the 16th and 18th of June.

13th June Army personnel with the help of Cleveland mountain rescue begin searching the thick woodland, by mid morning an area has been located with above normal radiation levels. At 4pm two army personnel discover a 2 metre wide 50cm deep crater in the woods, it is surrounded by an area of dead trees, this area has extremely high levels of radiation, the army personnel retreat to a safe distance and then seal off the area.

14th June Radiation specialists make their way into the sealed area, they begin digging in the small crater discovered the previous day. After digging for about and hour they start to discover shards of metal, by mid morning they have exposed a large metal object approximately 1 metre long and 50 cm diameter, it is producing vast amounts of radioactivity.

Photos are taken and a weapons specialist in Middlesbrough identifies the object as a 100 kilotonne nuclear warhead.

15th June The radiation specialists seal the warhead in a double lead lined, totally sealed transport box and the warhead is removed from the woodland. Unknown to the local population the warhead is transported to the coast and onto a waiting boat, this boat carries the warhead to the deepest point of the North sea and it is sunk at that place.

22nd June 2010 Dr James McClaren, Archbishop of Durham announces that Durham Cathedral will be restored to pre DD condition. Durham Cathedral was badly damaged during the 100 Kilotonne bombing of Durham City, ground zero of the blast was approximately 2 Km east of the Cathedral over the industrial Gilesgate Moor area of the City. most of the windows facing the explosion were blown out and some damage was sustained to the roof of the east end. Radiation levels have now reached safe levels. Repairing will take roughly 10 years and is expected to be completed by 2020.

At the same time PM Mallon announces that Durham Castle will also be rebuilt and be used as a base for the Cleveland Military as the meander of the River is easy to defend and can be used for short expeditions into the radioactive north.

18th July 2010

Prime Minister Mallon announces a referendum for joining the Organisation of British Nations as a member state, the vote will be on October 22nd.

28th August 2010

Prime Minister Ray Mallon announces that he is going to retire at the next election in May 2015 (at which point he'll be 60 years old), at that election the deputy Prime Minister Harry Jackman will take the leadership of the Royalist Party.

Late August 2010

Rheged representatives contact the Cleveland government about worrying military developments in the New Scottish State. Cleveland agree to send 500 TA personnel as well as 40 cavalry units to the north Rheged border, after talks with King George of Northumbria they send a further 100 militia personnel as well as 50 archers.

7th September 2010

Local Northallerton mountaineer Alan Hinkes announces that he will lead a team to Nepal in 2011 with hopes of becoming the first Clevelander to climb Mount Everest. He is due to fly from Dublin via Sicily and the UAE to Kathmandu in January with hopes of climbing to base camp by mid March and making a summit run in late May.

Royal visit of King Andrew of New Britain

1st October 2010

At 10am King Andrew of New Britain arrives in the port of Hartlepool, he is met by PM Mallon and several hundred Cleveland citizens, he is transported by train to the capital Middlesbrough where he meets Princess Regent Zara (his niece) and her two young sons, he has lunch at the parliament buildings in Nunthorpe.

After Lunch he travels by car to the Royal Palace at Wynyard to meet with his sister Queen Anne II and her husband James, while there he also meets with King George I of Northumbria and the Royal family of Percy from Northumbria. He spends the night in the palace of Wynyard.

2nd October 2010

King Andrew accompanied by the Princess Regent Zara begins a tour of the Kingdom of Cleveland, they start by visiting the Cathedral of Ripon where he consecrates a memorial to the victims of Doomsday. he then travels on to open a new rail line in Harrogate and then onto Whitby where he is presented with a jet sculpture. He then returns to the Royal palace at Wynyard for the evening.

3rd October 2010

King Andrew is announced as Prince Michael of York's new Godfather at Sunday service at the Church of St Mary's of Norton before heading back to Hartlepool where he re-boards the New Britain ship and leaves port at 1pm local time to return to his new home.

Mid October 2010

The expected invasion of North Rheged by the New Scottish State army has not, so far, occurred. Northumbria has withdrawn all its troops from North Rheged and Cleveland has withdrawn its Cavalry units as well as 200 TA personnel. The remaining 300 personnel will remain in Rheged to train the newly formed Rheged militia. They will also develop a border with the New Scottish State with a communication link with Cleveland.

22nd October

After successful the investigations and scientific measurements of the bombed cities of Durham, York, Newcastle, and Sunderland the exclusion zones around the cities have been reduced. York and Durham exclusion zones are reduce to half a mile from the detonation point, Newcastle and Sunderland exclusion zones are reduced to 1 mile from the detonation point.

Although the exclusion zones have been reduced the inhabiting or farming the area are still classed as too high a risk, however managing the woodlands for building materials is now allowed, as the wood has been found to have minimal to no radiation present.

24th October 2010

After counting all vote cost in the referendum about joining the OBN on the 22nd of October, results are announced on Sunday 24th October, they are as follows:

  • total number of registered voters for referendum - 113,567
  • total number of (non-spoiled ballots) votes cast - 98,752


  • Yes to joining OBN - 69,894
  • No to joining OBN - 28,858

25th October 2010

After talks with several townships in the former East Riding of Yorkshire it has been decided that the area will hold a referendum about inclusion into the Kingdom of Cleveland.

The referendum will be held on the 5th January 2011 with the voting centres in Beverley, Pocklington, Driffield, Bridlington and Withernsea. Currently Cleveland has control over North, West and South Yorkshire so if the vote is 'yes' then it would control all of the Yorkshires.

The East Riding of Yorkshire has an area of 2479 km² (957 Sq. Miles). The population of East Yorkshire is estimated at 12,000 people, East Yorkshire was hit by one 100KT nuclear blast over Kingston upon Hull (often shortened to Hull) but the rest of the county escaped relatively unscathed.

There were however tactical nuclear blasts across East Yorkshire

  • RAF Breighton
  • RAF Leconfield

Links have already been made with the townships with the building of several wind turbines throughout the area, particularly on the Holderness coast, this provides power in the area for the first time since Doomsday.

Plans are underway to link the area with the National Rail network of Cleveland with:

  • One line from Harrogate to Tadcaster, Selby, Beverley, Driffield, and Bridlington.
  • A circular route from Middlesbrough, Whitby, Scarborough, Malton, and avoiding nuked York onwards to Nothallerton and back to Middlesbrough.

Both are hoping to be in service be 2014.

Engineers are currently assessing the Humber Bridge to see if it is safe to reopen to traffic. They are also assessing the area for radio transmitters for the expansion of the national radio stations.

30th October 2010

The replica HMS Bark Endeavour floats out of its berth on the River Tees for the first time, it travelled to Whitby for the final fitting and it is expected to begin its journey to Australia in the spring.
HMS Bark Endeavour2

HMS Bark Endeavour coming into Whitby

10th November 2010

The governments of Cleveland and Northumbria jointly announce that the area between the Tyne and the Wear will be turned into the first new National Park. It will be known as the Tyne and Wear National Park and will be approximately 150 sq mi in size.

It's borders will run from the coast at Seaton Sluice west along the old A190 to the A19 to Seaton Burn, then west to Ponteland, south the Heddon on the Wall across the Tyne to Stanley, east to Chester le street, Houghton le Spring and eastward to the coast at Seaham.

The area within those borders will be left to return to nature, there are currently approximately 150 people living in the new national park, these people will not be asked to leave, however no new people will be allowed to move to the area for the foreseeable future (except for close family members) and no new buildings will be allowed within the park, the exception being replacement to any existing building or to increase productivity of farming of existing residents.

13th November 2010

The first train (The 'Queen Anne II') from the Kingdom of Cleveland arrives at Glasgow's main rail station at 2.30pm. It carries dignitaries from Cleveland and Northumbria who are expected to meet with leaders of the Celtic Alliance on Sunday. The return journey is expected on Monday 15th at 12pm, and a regular service is due to start in early December.

24th November 2010

It was announced that due to her ongoing problems associated with her injuries received in April, Queen Anne II will step down from the throne of the Kingdom of Cleveland on the 31st December 2010, at that point Princess Regent Zara will ascend to the throne as Queen Zara, her coronation date has been set at 15th January 2011.

4th December 2010

Prime Minsiter Mallon announces that in 2011, after discussions with fellow OBN members, is to start production of offshore oil and gas rigs to tap the reserves under the North Sea off the coasts of the former East Riding of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire coast, plans are underway to lay pipelines coming ashore in North Norfolk at the port of Lowestoft, Mablethorpe in South Lincolnshire and Hornsea in East Yorkshire.

Three rigs will be built to start with, hopefully if the venture is successful more will be built in the future.

The pumping of oil and gas should be underway sometime in 2012, oil and gas will be made into a variety of products ranging from gas for heating, petrol and diesel for military and agricultural use and materials for Tarmac for roads.

Plans are also underway for the building of three new coal fueled power stations, one will be in Durham, one in North Yorkshire and one in South Yorkshire. They are planned to be online and producing power by late 2015.

12th December 2010

Head of the Cleveland and Northumbrian Wildlife Trust Simon Garside announces that in 2012, 10 European beavers donated from the Nordic Union will be released into the new Tyne and Wear National Park. It is hoped that over the next few years European Elk (Moose) from the Nordic Union, Red Deer and Pine Martins from the Celtic Alliance, and possibly European Lynx from the Nordic Union could be released into the National Park. Contact has also been made with the Commonwealth of East Poland via the League of Nations, it is hoped that it can provide Wisent (European Bison) and Koniks horse from the Białowieża Forest in the east of Poland in the near future.

31st December 2010

Preparations are underway for the planned abdication of Queen Anne II and the accession of Queen Zara which is planned to occur at midnight, it will be the first time in the history of both Cleveland and the former United Kingdom that the accession of a new monarch has been planned so far in advance and also will be visible to the general public, as both Queens will be present at a royal gala at Wynyard Hall for the New Years celebrations.


January to March

5th January 2011

The referendum in the East Riding of Yorkshire takes place today, the polls opened at 7am and are due to shut at 10pm. Results are due sometime on Thursday 6th January.

6th January 2011

At 6pm the results of the referendum in the former East Riding of Yorkshire have been announced

Of the total population of 23,000 there were 14,298 registered voters, there were 9,988 votes cast in the referendum the results were as followed:

  • 6,935 votes - Yes to joining the Kingdom of Cleveland.
  • 3,053 votes - No to joining the Kingdom of Cleveland.

Plans are now underway for the East Riding to fully join the Kingdom of Cleveland, they are now part of the Kingdom, however they have no representation in the Cleveland Parliament. It is expected that the East Riding will be split into five parliamentary constituencies, based around the five main towns of the area, each area having an MP. The elections of these new MP's will probably take place in mid summer.

Within the next month a contingent of Cleveland police will set up base in Beverley and begin training locals to become police officers. A military base will also be set up in Beverley with 50 infantry soldiers based there.

There are plans to link the area to the Cleveland Railway system sometime in 2012. More electric wind turbines will be sent to the area to power the towns of Pocklington, Driffield, Beverley, Bridlington and Withernsea and there immediate surrounding areas. There is also plans for a new coal fired power station to be built in 2015, this will provide full power to the area for the first time since Doomsday. A new doctors surgery will be built in each main town to service the new area.

With the addition of the population of the East Riding the approximate total population of the Kingdom of Cleveland is 574,000, however a full census of the area will be undertaken in July 2011 to establish total population.

8th January 2011

An announcement from the Cleveland parliament. The five new parliamentary constituencies have been decided, these will be based around the five largest towns in East Yorkshire, those being Pocklington, Driffield, Beverley, Bridlington and Withernsea. The constituencies will take in the surrounding countryside around each town. Elections will take place on the 16th of July 2011 for their Members of Parliament.

Repair works will start on the Humber Bridge in May 2011 it is hoped that the bridge will re open in late 2011 linking Cleveland to the country of East Britain.

Plans are also announced that the former counties of North, South, East and West Yorkshire will have their boundaries re-arranged to the old historical boundaries of the East, North and West Ridings. The county of South Yorkshire will be split between the West and East Ridings.

160px-Yorkshire Ridings

1. North, 2. West, 3. East

25th January 2011

The Cleveland Parliament announces that a new rail line will be built for Northumbrian Railways. It will link Cramlington and Pruhoe and then the line between Prudhoe and the new headquarters of the Rheged Co-Operative in Carlisle will be renovated. It is hoped that it wll be open by late 2011.

11th February 2011

Plans are announced to rebuild the piers of Redcar (that was demolished in 1981) and Saltburn (which was destroyed by the Tsunami of Doomsday. The new Saltburn pier will be rebuilt to the same design as the destroyed one, however the new Redcar pier will be of a more modern design.

The new Saltburn pier will be built first with an expected completion date of 2014. After the new Saltburn pier is built the work will start of the new Redcar pier with an expected completion date of 2016.

7th March 2011

After a delay due to bad weather construction has begun on two oil rigs that will be used in the North Sea in dry docks on the Tees, they are expected to be floated out by August 2011 for fitting, at that point two more rigs will begin construction. The first two rig will be floated out to site in mid 2012 and production is due to begin mid 2012.

8th March 2010

The annual Shrove Tuesday football match has taken place in Sedgefield, approximately 300 people took part with only one 'goal' scored over three hours when the ball made it into south beck 'alley'. there were 57 injuries reports ranging from broken fingers to a broken leg.

9th March 2011

The Cleveland and Northumbrian Wildlife Trust has changed its name to the Albion Wildlife Trust and will begin work in the Kingdom of Northumbria in the near future.

10th March 2011

PM Mallon has announced that 100% of the former NRCO territories have electricity and that in East Yorkshire 30% of buildings have electricity and it is expected that 60% will have electricity by the General Election in July 2011 and that 100% will have electricity by October 2011.

11th March 2011

Mountaineer Alan Hinkes has arrived in Nepal after a one and a half month journey, he expects to be at the main base camp of Mount Everest by the 24th of March and a first attempt on the summit in mid May.

26th March 2011

After delays in Nepal caused by late heavy snows Alan Hinkes has finally arrived in south base camp, his plans are to acclimatise at 5,360m for two weeks before making exploratory climbs on the southeast ridge, he expects that due to the time since the last major expedition to the area he will have to re-pin and re-rope the majority of the ridge, particularly the Khumbu icefall, this is expected to take about a week. After re-rigging from south base camp to base camp I, he will move to base camp I for the re-rigging of the the path from Base camp I (6,065m) to Base Camp IV (7,920m) this is expected to take between two and three weeks.

He expects to arrive in Base camp IV in early May with an attempt on the summit (8,848m) within two days of arrival.

28th March 2011

The twice weekly Route two train service carrying an approximated 140 people, running from Middlesbrough to Glasgow has not arrived. After a 2 hour delay, a relief train is sent from Middlesbrough as it is assumed that the train pulling the Route Two train had broken down. However the relief train ran the full journey to Glasgow without finding the train. A search by Northumbria and Cleveland troops has begun.

29th March 2011

At 1am the Route two train service arrived in Glasgow. It was carrying 142 passengers and crew and another 127 refugees, after talking to the crew of the train it appears that they were stopped to the east of Edinburgh by troops from Ur Alba, after taking over the train they diverted it down a side track to the south where the refugees were loaded, it appears that the refugees are Celtic Alliance traders, Celtic families, and that they have been deported by Ur Alba from the areas newly claimed by Ur Alba.

The governments of the Celtic Alliance and the Kingdoms of Cleveland and Northumbria have called the trains highjacking totally unacceptable.

30th March 2011

After the shock announcement from Northumbria of the death of Queen Isobel, Crown Prince George and Queen Zara have travelled to Alnwick to plan the state funeral with King George.

April to June

19th April 2011

The Cleveland Football Association has announced that from the beginning of the 2011/12 season, with the inclusion of Northumbrian teams into the league, that the Association will change its name to the Albion Football Association or AFA

27th April 2011

With the official declaration of war between the Celtic Alliance and Ur Alba all railway journeys running north from Berwick has been cancelled until further notice, the Royal Cleveland Territorial Army have sent three divisions north to assist the Northumbrian Army and Rheged militia in guarding the Northumbrian border with Ur Alba.

30th April 2011

Railway works have linked Beverley to the town of Hessle on the River Humber, it is hoped that it will link across the Humber Bridge (if it is structurally safe) to the OBN nations in the south.

2nd May 2011

Alan Hinkes has made hit first attempt on the summit of Mount Everest, he was turned back with 500 feet to go due to heavy weather, he expects the weather to break on the 7th or 8th of May at which point he will make another attempt.

6th May 2011

The weather has broken around Mount Everest and is expected to stay fine for the next few days, mountaineer Alan Hinkes has said he expects that the attempt will begin before daybreak on the 7th of May

8th May 2011

Alan Hinkes returns to Base Camp IV after successfully reaching the summit of Mount Everest at just before 11am on the 7th of May 2011. He has severe frostbite to his left hand after losing his outer glove in the summit while taking photographs, he expects to be returning to the Kingdom of Cleveland by the end of the month.

13th May 2011

Alan Hinkes has begun his return home to Cleveland, he expects that he will be back in Cleveland by late May. PM Mallon has said that there will be a parade upon his return.

15th May 2011

After the defeat of the Ur Alba military and the peace deal agreed with the other Allied nations the railway north of Berwick will reopen to commercial and passenger traffic on Friday 20th May after checks have been undertaken on the line to check for any potential booby traps set during the Ur Alba war.

23rd May 2011

Mountaineer Alan Hinkes has arrived back in Cleveland after becoming the first Clevelander, and possibly the first since Doomsday, to reach the summit of Mount Everest. PM Mallon has announced that there will be a parade on Wednesday and the Royal Palace of Wynyard has also announced that Alan Hinkes will be knighted on Saturday for services to mountaineering he will become Sir Alan Hinkes.

6th June 2011

After engineers from the Royal Cleveland Territorial Army (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) have surveyed the Humber Bridge and have announced that it is structurally safe and will only need plant growth removal and resurfacing works before it can reopen to road traffic, this is expected in late July 2011.

They are continuing works on surveying the bridge for possible future railway link although the bridge was designed for carrying loads of between 100 and 150 tonnes so a railway would be within structural limits.

Plans are that the central two lanes will be adapted to railway with the two outside lanes being renovated to carry road traffic, speed limits have already been set at 45 mph for both road and rail.

A lower decks will be renovated to be a foot bridge.

If the bridge is found to be totally structurally sound then it will be the longest single span suspension bridge in the British Isles and the second longest in the world behind the Nordic Unions East Great Belt bridge.

17th June 2011

The Humber Bridge has been declared safe for both rail and road travel, REME troops heading for the Cleveish base in Barton-upon-Humber have laid the rail line across the bridge and after the new line has been used to supply the Cleveish base for the forthcoming Lincolnshire assimilation project the bridge will open to the public.

25th June

The Cleveland Railways Company has begun renovating the 22 miles of rail line from Barton-upon-Humber towards the town of Grimsby, the majority of the line is complete however the points and signal system will need refitting. It is hoped that the rail line will be completely operational by mid July.

Works have also begun on a 15 mile side link between Habrough (on the Barton-Grimsby line) to the town of Scunthorpe in the west, it is hoped that it will be completed around the same time.

The next section of line to be refitted will run from Skegness to Boston in Newolland, this is a 20 mile section which could be completed by August 2011.

The next section of line will run from Grimsby to Skegness via Mablethorpe, this line does not exist at present and will have to be built from scratch, the 50 mile section will take approximately a year to build with work expected to start in September 2011.

Also if the locals are willing then the old line will be renovated and refitted from Scunthorpe, via Gainsborough to Retford and Worksop, however this line will not be started until the local area has joined with Newolland or another OBN nation.

26th June 2011

Renovation has begun on the mothballed Drax coal-fired power station, the Cleveland coal board has begun to reopen several coal mines in the Selby area to feed the power station. It is hoped that it will be operational by mid to late 2012.

Construction and renovation has also begun on old rail lines linking the mines with the power station.

Although the power station has six banks of electricity generators it is expected that only three will works at any one time, allowing maintenance on the other three. This means that once completed it will have a generating capacity of 2000 MW per year.

Other power stations to undergo renovation are Ferrybridge (1200MW) and Eggborough (1000MW) power stations these renovations will begin in late 2011.

When these power station come online not only will there be enough electricity for Cleveland but enough to send 500MW south to Newolland.

30th June 2011

Preparations are underway for the General Census of East Yorkshire which will take place tomorrow, the results of the Census will be known by the 4th July 2011.

July to September

1st July 2011

The General Census of the county of East Yorkshire occurs today, every household must record everyone who is at the residence at 7pm (whether they live there or are just visiting) they must record:

  • The name, age, gender, what job they have (if any) of any person in the residence.
  • How many bedrooms the residence has.
  • Any pets in the household (including the grounds of the residence).
  • If the residence has a supply of running water, gas and electricity.
  • Ability to read and/or write.

3rd July

Agreements have been made with the leadership of Scunthorpe, Gainsborough, Worksop and Retford to extend to Grimsby to Humber Bridge line through their towns work will begin once the results of the Referendum in Scunthorpe is known on the 7th July.

4th July 2011

The results of the General Census of East Yorkshire have been announced:

  • Total population of 24,867.
  • Males - 12,978.
  • Females - 11,889.
  • Children under 16 - 3,328.
  • Employment is at 98%.
  • 68% of households have running water.
  • 87% of households have electricity.
  • 18% of households have a gas supply.
  • Literacy rate - 76%
  • Literacy rate of under 16's - 37%

5th July 2011

After the renovation work is complete on the power station at Drax, Ferrybridge and Eggborough work will begin on the West Burton power station near the Newolland town of Gainsborough. It will produce 1500 MW, enough to power Gainsborough, Scunthorpe, Retford and Worksop.

6th July 2011

After agreements with the OBN nations of Northumbria, Woodbridge and Essex an attack will occur on the TBA base at Rutland Water, Cleveland will be sending RCTA troops from the regiments of The Royal Green Jackets, The Dragoon Guards and the Queens Own Hussars as well as 250 Marines. Northumbria will send a further 500 troops. The attack is expected in late August.

8th July 2011

With the results of the census in, the government of Cleveland is to step up the introduction of electricity in the area, they hope to get 100% overage by 2012, once oil production begins then gas supply will increase.

The literacy rates for the under 16's was the most shocking, so an eduction facility will be introduced for every village in East Yorkshire with the hopes of getting the literacy rates in the under 16's up to 80% by the end of 2012.

10th July 2011

Preparations are almost complete for the General Election in East Yorkshire on the 16th July, results should be known by the 19th July.

19th July 2011

Result of the general election in East Yorkshire have been announced, they are as follows:


  • Conservative Party - 67%
  • Labour Party - 22%
  • Green party - 11%


  • Labour Party - 72%
  • Liberal Democrat Party - 18%
  • Green Party - 10%


  • Labour Party - 68%
  • Green Party - 21%
  • Liberal Democrat Party - 11%


  • Labour Party - 52%
  • Liberal Democrat Party - 31%
  • Green Party - 17%


  • Green Party - 56%
  • Labour Party - 25%
  • Conservative Party - 19%

The result mean that one new Conservative MP, one Green Party MP and three Labour party MP's will be added to the Parliament of the Kingdom of Cleveland.

The newly enlarged Parliament is:

  • Royalists - led by PM Ray Mallon, currently main governmental party. - 14 seats
  • Labour Party - led by Jenny Chapman MP, current opposition party. - 14 seats
  • Conservatives (also known as Tory Party)- led by Jason McCartney MP. - 8 seats
  • Liberal Democrats - led by Ian Swales MP. - 1 seat
  • Green Party - led by Helen Hodgson. - 1 seat
  • There are two independent Parliamentarians

After the announcement of the results The Labour Party has asked the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party to form a coalition that would give them them majority control in the current Parliament.

However in response to the Lab/Lib Dem/Green coalition the leader of the Conservative Party has offered to join with PM Ray Mallon's Royalist Party in a Tory/Royalist coalition.

The Parliament now has a Tory/Royalist government with a Lab/Lib Dem/Green opposition.

One of the results of the Tory/Royalist coalition a governmental reshuffle has made some changes, Jason McCartney has been announced as the new Deputy PM and Conservative MP James Blenkinsop made Chancellor of the Exchequer.

10th September 2011

Reports from ocean vessels west of the former British Isles have described a growing storm heading for the former British Isles, the Northumbrian and Cleveland governments advise their populace to prepare for a possible windstorm hitting between the 11th and 13th September.

14th September 2011

There has been extensive damage in the north of Durham and the western part of Yorkshire from the September storm, 127 building were damaged to a point where they will have to be demolished, a further 1000 plus buildings were damaged in some way.

The death toll continues to rise, it currently stands as seven, four workmen were killed when a barn they were building the Yorkshire Dales collapsed on them, three were family with a father and two sons dying.

19th September 2011

After discussions between Cleveland Railways Ltd and the Northumbrian Witain, Cleveland Railway Ltd will take over the running of the railways in Northumbria (which are currently managed by the Witain), because of the extension of lines Cleveland Railways Ltd will be renamed Albion Railways Ltd.

The Northumbrians will still run a locomotive building works and will continue to maintain the tracks but Albion Railways Ltd will run the train schedules in the lines.


On Sunday, the 13th November the Kingdoms of Cleveland and Northumbria hold joint Remembrance day memorials for soldiers of both nations lost in the Ur Alba War and the Great Rutland War.

The names of the 232 Clevelander and 105 Northumbrian troops lost in the Great Rutland War and the 27 Clevelander and 34 Northumbrian regular and Rheged Militia killed in the Ur Alba War were read out at the Middlesbrough Cenotaph in the presence of the entire Cleveland Parliament, the Cleveland Royal family and members of the military, general public and families of the lost.

In Alnwick the names of the killed were read out in the presence of the Northumbrian Witain, Northumbrian Royal family and members of the military, general public and families of the lost.

Race riots


January and February 2012

17th January 2012

After the team that has been assisting with the Lincolnshire assimilation project returns home they were debriefed by both the military leadership and the civilian government, of most interest is the state of the city of Doncaster.

Although Doncaster was claimed by Cleveland in 2005, no Cleveish presence was felt in the area until it was explored as part of the Lincolnshire Assimilation Project during the summer of 2011 it was found to be relatively intact, though abandoned for some time.

The leadership of the Church of Albion were greatly pleased that Doncaster Cathedral had survived almost intact, some windows had been broken but the majority of the structure was sound. It was decided that when the military sets up base in the city a group of 25 engineers and artisans will travel to Doncaster with them to help rebuild the Cathedral.

It was discussed for five days whether or not to re-inhabit the area, radiation in the area was described as light, however the areas closer to the River Don were classed as moderate, probably due to radiation washing down from the Sheffield/Rotherham nuke hits.

It was decided to set up a military barracks in the buildings around the old Corn Exchange, Wool Market and surrounding buildings. Their orders are to complete a more thorough exploration of the area taking radiation levels regularly to find areas of unhealthy radioactivity. 250 troops will be stationed in the city, they are due to arrive in Doncaster on the 1st May 2012.

If the area is found to be habitable then the branch line from Scunthorpe will be repaired and then possibly the branch line from Doncaster to Wakefield and Dewsbury and another one to Barnsley will also be repaired.

15th February 2012

The Parliament of Cleveland have announced that during his afternoon run, PM Ray Mallon suffered a heart attack, he was rushed to James Cook Hospital where he arrived at approximately 4:20pm. He was awake and transferred his powers to the Deputy PM Jason McCartney of the Conservative Party at 5pm. At 5:30pm he went into surgery for a heart bypass operation, the operation went well and he was in intensive care by 9pm.

as of 7am on the 16th February PM Mallon remains in intensive care, he is awake, however PM powers with remain with DPM Jason McCartney until PM Mallon is fit to resume his duties.

17th February 2012

PM Mallon has suffered another more serious heart attack at approximately 2:30pm, he has slipped into a coma, however his condition is being described by doctors at James Cook Hospital as stable.

18th February 2012

Queen Zara and the government of the Kingdom of Cleveland are saddened to report that at 1:20am this morning, PM Mallon passed peacefully away in his sleep, it is suspected that he suffered a massive heart attack. DPM Jason McCartney has been to visit the Queen to officially ask permission to form a new government with himself as the new PM. The first acts of the new PM was to declare three days of official mourning and also to announce a new general election to be held on the 22nd June 2012.

March -June 2012

2nd March 2012

With the assistance of the Celtic Alliance and Nordic Union, Clevelander ships have completed surveys of the northern North Sea for standing and repairable oil rigs as well as surveying for undiscovered oil fields.

The majority of the oil rigs are in such a poor state of repair they will need sealing off and demolishing, however five have been found in a fair condition, two will be taken by Cleveland and three will be taken by the Nordic Union.

16th March 2012

The first new North Sea oil rig has been floated out of the yard it will be towed into place in late April after final fitting out has occurred. It will be sent to oil fields off the coast of Northumbria. At the same time teams are working on two rigs found to be in a fair condition but repairable in the same area. Pipelines are expected to come ashore in southern Northumbria.

18th March 2012

The second new oil rig has been floated out into the manufacturing yard into the fitting out yard.

21st March 2012

The government of Cleveland and the Royal House of Percy are happy to announce that Queen Zara is expecting a baby girl, she is due to give birth in late July 2012. So far the pregnancy is progressing normally and there are no signs of any malformations of the baby.

30th April 2012

Two gas rigs have been floated out of their fitting out yards, these will be transported to the southern North Sea gas fields in early April. Production will start by the end of summer with the gas lines coming ashore in Newolland controlled Lincolnshire.

18th April 2012

The two oil rigs have reached their final positions, they have been named Pelican Alpha and Toucan Alpha. Production is due to begin in June 2012.

The two existing and renovated oil rigs have been named Spruce Alpha and Cedar Alpha and are expected to begin production in late July 2012.

July - September 2012

29th July 2012

At 8.29am Queen Zara gives birth to a healthy baby girl, she is named Princess Victoria Isabelle Anne Elizabeth Percy.

October - December 2012

22nd November 2012

The new railway link between the Kingdom of Cleveland and the Celtic Alliance opened today with Queen Zara travelling to the Celtic Alliance port of Liverpool, plans are in action to extend the line along the north Welsh coast and also down along the old English/Welsh border to Wessex.

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