The Kingdom of Catalonia (Catalan: Regne de Catalunya) was a monarchy on the Iberian Peninsula and the predecessor of modern Catalonia. The former Ferdinand III of Habsburg-Lorraine, king of Majorca and count of Barcelona (1765–1799), became the first King of Catalonia in 1814 as Ferdinand I. The monarchy would remain held by the Habsburgs until the Glourious Revolution of 1868 that deposed king Francis II and proclaimed the Second Republic of Catalonia. However, the monarchy was restored in 1875 under Ferdinand II. Finally, in 1931 king Ferdinand III abdicates after elections which gave an absolute majority to Republicans and the Third Republic of Catalonia was proclaimed.

List of Kings of Catalonia

House of Habsburg-Lorraine

  • Ferdinand I, 1814–1819
  • Francis I, 1819–1846
  • Francis II, 1846–1868
  • 2nd Republic, 1868–1875
  • Ferdinand II, 1875–1908
  • Ferdinand III, 1908–1931

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