Kingdom of Canada
Timeline: Land of Empires

OTL equivalent: Canada without Nunavut, Ontario, Vancouver City, Vancouver Island, Quebec, Yukon and the Maritime Provinces
Flag of the kingdom of canada No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

God save the King (English)

Anthem "Long Live the King"
Capital Victoria
Largest city Victoria
Language English
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Group Indigenous, English-Canadian
Demonym Canadian
Government Consitutional Monarchy
  legislature Parliament
King Edward II
  Royal house: House of Windsor
Currency Canadian Pound

The Kingdom of Canada is a sovereign nation in North America. It is bordered to the east north by the Republic of Quebec, to the south by the Plains Union, and to the west by Imperial Japanese territories in North America.

Origins of the Kingdom of Canada

In England after years of economic depression following the second American Civil war and the revolts of various British colonies most notably Quebec and India and their lose to the Japanese along with the failure of the bring glory and renown to Great Britain resulted in unrest and unhappiness with the Monarchy. As such a Fascist revolution with John Ross Taylor Leading it, they marched on London and due to mutiny in the ranks of the British Military they took London and overthrew the Current government. The Royal Family and the House of Lords fled to Canada. Because of this the new dictatorial government attempted to attack Canada to capture them but were stopped because of an alliance between the Royal Brits and the Japanese. As such the Kingdom of Canada was established with the House of Lords as it's current government.

Formation of the Canadian Government

After four years of Running with the House of Lords and King as the only Leaders of Government.The people were unhappy with not having a say in their government so to settle this before revolts began. They created a House of Commons as before in Britain and made them be elected and serve terms. Instead of having a Prime Minister as the only executive leader they made the King's Speaker as the Leader of the House of lord and the Prime Minister as the Leader of the House of Commons. Generally the King's speaker serves a Ceremonial Purpose while the Prime minister has the Power but this can change.

Acquiring of Minnesota-Wisconsin

The 2nd American Civil war concurring with fighting in Europe ended in the USA being defeated and dissolved. It was Paritioned into the Plains Union the nationalist South the Quebec Controlled north, and the Japanese controlled West Coast. The Kingdom of Canada was hungry for new lands to add to itself so it looked to its neighbor the Republic of Quebec. Quebec controlled the Great lakes and Eastern coast not to mention the resource filled Mid-West gave an opportunity Canada couldn't resist. On the date of May 6th 1955 the Kingdom of Canada broke off Diplomatic relations with the Republic of Quebec and launched an Invasion of them thus beginning the Canadian-Quebcois War. The war lasted for 2 years it was seen as a failure by the Quebecois. On October 31st 1957 the Capitol of Quebec was taken. The Quebecois Government was forced to nearly sign an incredibly unfair treaty that ceded all of their American lands to Canada but foreign intervention helped prevent this and thus they were forced to give up Minnesota and Wisconsin. Instead of Incorporating the states into them they created a puppet state called the Grand Duchy of Minnesota-Wisconsin.

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