Kingdom of Cambodia
Flag of Cambodia under French protection.svg
1953–1970 Flag of the Khmer Republic.svg
Flag of Cambodia.svg Coat of arms of Cambodia.svg
Flag State Emblem
Nokor Reach
Capital Phnom Penh
Official language Khmer
Religion Buddhism
Government Monarchy
 - 1953–1955 Norodom Sihanouk
 - 1955–1970 Norodom Suramarit
Head of State
 - 1960 Chuop Hell (first)
 - 1970 Cheng Heng (last)
Head of Government
 - 1953 Penn Nouth (first)
 - 1969–1970 Lon Nol (last)
Legislature Parliament
Historical era Cold War
 - First Indochina War 9 November 1953
 - Coup d'état 18 March 1970
Currency Cambodian riel (៛)

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