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Kingdom of Burma
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
Flag of the Alaungpaya Dynasty of Myanmar
Flag of
The Kingdom of Burma within the eastern Indian Ocean.
(and largest city)
Language Mon
Religion Theravada Buddhism
Government Bahmanid Vassal, Feudal Monarchy
King Binnya Dala
Established 1444

The Kingdom of Burma is a Bahmanid vassal in southern Burma.



Pegu was a small, but prosperous kingdom in southern Burma, engaged in a few small turf wars with its neighbors, and some trade with the outside world, but not really enough to be a target. In 1450, the small kingdom was thrust into the larger 'cold war' between the Bahmanids and the Majapahit Empire, when a Majapahit fleet appeared of Pegu's coast, and quickly occupied the nation, beginning the Andaman War. The Bahmanids, along with Delhi and Bengal, the other major Indian Muslim states, saw this as an incursion into their mare nostrum, and responded by attacking the Majapahit, eventually pushing them past the Andaman islands. In the ensuing treaty, the Bahmanids were allowed to vassalize Pegu, which they declared the Kingdom of Burma.

A New Era

A local nobleman, Binnya Dala was made king two years after the end of the Andaman War, after the Bahmanid army had withdrawn. He began 'new era,' one where, with economic and mlitary assistance from the Bahmanids, Burma would become a great nation.


To quote from the Bahmanid's 1454 post: " Ismail Shah will allow Burma to run most of its own affairs, just sending broad directives from Gulbarga for Binnya Dala to interpret as he wishes - so long as Binnya Dala provides gold and men, that is."



Foreign Relations

Only those that differ from the Bahmanids are listed.


  • Bahmanid Sultanate: The Kingdom of Burma was created by them. See above for the exact relationship with Gulbarga.

Official Allies

  • None de jure, de facto, same as the Bahmanids.

Good Relations

  • Khmer: Although the Bahmanids do not trust them, Burma is happy to trade and be friendly with our fellow Buddhists, especially now that they have turned against Khmer.

Neutral Relations

  • Most other Burmese states.

Tense Relations

  • Bengal: Even though the Bahmanids like them, many Burmese still remember what happened to their northern brethren under Bengali rule.

Hostile Relations

  • N/A

Abysmal Relations

  • N/A

Official Enemies

  • Majapahit: They destroyed a lot during the Andaman War, and Binnya Dala continues to spread the rumor that they really invaded to impose Gunturism on the locals.


  • N/A


  • N/A

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