Kingdom of Bulgaria
Царство България
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Coat of arms of Bulgaria.svg
Bulgaria in Axis Triumph.png
Bulgaria in 1945
Largest city Sofia
Official languages Bulgarian
Demonym Bulgarian
Government Constitutional monarchy
 -  Tsar Simeon II
 -  Prime Minister Vladimir Stoychev
Legislature National Assembly
 -  Declaration 22 September 1908 
 -   estimate 6,348,250 
Currency Lev

The Kingdom of Bulgaria (Царство България) was a monarchy in the Balkans, which sided with the Axis Powers during World War II. During the war, it was pressured to join the Axis by Hitler, under threat of invasion. After joining, Bulgarian forces invaded parts of Greece and Yugoslavia. They never deployed troops on the Eastern Front to aid the other Axis powers, much to Hitler's displeasure. The Kingdom was ruled by Tsar Simeon II, though by the end of the war, pro-communist general Vladimir Stoychev, a popular figure, was appointed the Prime Minister. The Kingdom had distanced itself after the Axis victory in World War II from the rest of the Axis powers, and began forging relations with some of the surrounding puppet states of Nazi Germany. Stoychev was an anti-Nazi and hoped to cause anti-Nazi revolts in the Axis puppet states, and make them independent of Germany and Italy.

During the Cold War between Italy and Germany, Bulgaria worked to manipulate both sides.

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