Kingdom of Boone
Timeline: The CARRIER from Durham

OTL equivalent: City of Boone
No flag Boone NC logo
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Boone


Anthem "Tribute of the king"
Nations Capital Boone
Language English
Danology 50%,
Nonreligious 10%,
Baptist 9.8%
  others Moron 0.2%
Ethnic Groups
  others African, Irish, several more ethics groups
Demonym Booner
Government N/A (Green Anarchy) 2006-2008,
Despot Absolute Monarchy 2008-2013
  legislature King/Queen
Royal House of Boone "Dan the First"
6.07 sq mi (15.72) km²
  water (%) 0 sq
Population 270 (2013) 
  per capita {{{gdp_capita}}}
Established 2006
Independence from United States (Due of Outbreak)
  declared October 28 2006
January 7 2010 by Spain, Empire of Smith, Russia, Libya, Italy, Ireland, Republic of China, North Korea, Republic of Orlando (Disestablished)
Annexation to N/A (Infected)
  date February 7 2013 (Last stronghold)
Currency Boonallor
Time Zone Eastern Stranded Time
  summer 12:00
Calling Code N/A (Due of Outbreak)
The nation of Boone was one of kingdoms or nations are trying to survived for how long the this nation are several survived that long for night years.

History of Boone

2006, Due of Outbreak, Most of Boone populations defend their city of Zombie-like beings for eight years long until few nations finally aid them for future battles to come. And since first battle that originally contain 15,400 people defend for Zombie-like riot came and they mostly won the first battle they planned form at sovereignty nation-based community as green-anarchy commune nation since city believe whole North America is infected yet.

2007, Boone is declared as a sovereignty state-based community from the United States and the infected, since first and second battle from Zombie-like beings they rebuild and gathering resources from almost infected town around them with several food and supplies for seven months, and they found few uninfected survivors for ammunition for possible future third battle of Zombie-like "mass" riot.

2008, Since third battle was strong victory for now the city is start making their own currency, stamps, prototype-flag and new government to "elective constructional monarchy" by their new leader "Dan the First" announced for new country in infected land despite rest the Nation or Continent is not strongly infected.


Political or Government of Boone


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