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Kingdom of Bohemia
České království (1085 - 1092, 1158 - 1172, 1198 - 1306)
Timeline: Premyslid Bohemia
BohemiaFlag Bohemian Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Bohemia in 1301
Bohemia in 1301 (Pink), united with Poland (Yellow) and Hungary lost in 1305 (Green)
Capital Prague
Largest city Prague
Other cities Pilsen, Brno
Language Czech
Roman Catholic
  others Jewish
Ethnic Group Bohemians

Kingdom of Bohemia existed three times as secession of Duchy of Bohemia from 1085 to 1092, from 1158 to 1172 and from 1198 to 1306 (1918 in our timeline).


Untrue Kingdom

Title of king was given to dukes of Bohemia from Holy Roman Emperors two times, in 1085 to Vratislaus II and in 1152 to Vladislaus II with both titles only for them. For title kept in the family Bohemians had to wait for Ottokar I.

Third Kingdom and Empire of Greater Bohemia and Poland

From Ottokar I to Wenceslaus III the kingdom was once given to another ruler line, once battled against Holy Roman Empire and mined half the silver in Europe. But it finally became part of bigger Empire in 1306. Called Empire of Greater Bohemia and Poland was geographically divided into Poland and Bohemia and Kingdom of Bohemia stayed part of Empire for another two centuries, yet word Greater was given in front of the name, it was smaller than Poland. In 1587 when last Premyslid died out the name Bohemia disappeared out of maps.

List of Kings

Our timeline:

This timeline: (1198 - 1306 is same): List of Bohemian Rulers (Premyslid Bohemia)

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