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Royaume de Belgique
Kingdom of Belgium
Timeline: The British Ain't Coming
Preceded by 1830-1831
Unrecognized state
Succeeded by
Flag of the Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands

Flag of Belgium (1830)
Flag of Flanders

Flag of Belgium (1830)
Flag of Belgium
MainlandNetherlands Labeled TBAC
The present-day constituent countries of Belgium (2) and Flanders (3) comprised the area of the Kingdom of Belgium.

L'union fait la force (French)
("Strength through Unity")

Anthem: "Brabançonne"
Capital: Brussels
Other cities: Ghent, Antwerp, Liège
  other languages: Dutch, German
Religion: Roman Catholic
Type of government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
The Kingdom of Belgium was an unrecognized state that declared its independence from the Netherlands in 1830 after revolts in Brussels broke out. The Belgian state was almost successful, but was ultimately defeated in the Ten Days' Campaign.

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