The Kingdom of Bavaria: 1971-?

Started officially after the Bavarois-Wallon/Walloon-Bayer Separation Bill was passed. The Republic of pWallonia was created in Wallonia territory as a presidential republic. The Kingdom of Bavaria was created as an absolute monarchy. King Nazaria was crowned Nazaria the First, King of Bavaria by the Grace of God. The capital was established in Munich, but it was renamed Königsberg in honor of Nazaria. Nazaria died in 1972. His son Prince Benjamin began building up the new kingdom's military as King Benjamin the First by the Grace of God. He created the Bayerische Königsliche Heer and the Nationale Polizei. He built a medium sized air force he named the Nationale Himmel-Heer. He also built a lake Navy called See-Marine.

In 1975 King Benjamin declared himself King of Jerusalem. In 1976 he Changed his title to :Benjamin the First, King of the Bavarians and Lord of Jerusalem. He claimed rightful heritage to the line as a descendant of Conrad the First of Sicily. He had the pope recognize him as king of Jerusalem and with the pope's blessing he began preparations to invade the Emirate of Palestine. On 10/09/79 he launched air strikes on Tel Aviv. On 01/01/80 300 BKH Troops landed on the Palestinian coast off the S.K.S. Rückeroberung, the only airplane carrier in the new Königsliche Krieg-Marine.

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